The Griffith Review – Our Sporting Life out today (Aug 1)

From the good people at Griffith Review:


Griffith Review cover This Sporting Life


Sport lies at the heart of what it means to be Australian, but what does this now mean? Timed to coincide with the footy finals and the Rio Olympics, Our Sporting Life focusses very much on new thinking around the role and place of sport in Australian life: how are players, administrators, coaches and spectators adjusting to new societal expectations around behaviour, gender, race, violence, corruption, transparency, governance and many other concerns.


There are some wonderful pieces on women in, and reporting on, sport. ‘Our Sporting Life’ also look at sports governance in Australia, the capacity of sport to actively foster social cohesion, and examines the past, present and sometimes troubled legacy of the Olympic Games. The edition also contains reportage from New Zealand, India and Hong Kong covering a diversity of sporting codes and individual pursuits.


Including work from Fleta Page, Gideon Haigh, Jonathan West, Tracey Holmes, John Harms, Geoff Woolcock, Annie Zaidi, William McInnes, Alicia Sometimes, Tom Bamforth, Colin Tatz, Ellen van Neerven, Sean Dorney and many others.


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