Almanac Rugby League – The Goodna Footy Floods of 2011


by Tony Caswell (or TC, The Goodna Gunna)

The river came up, and the rain came down

A playing field of green, became a slush of brown

The footballs are gone, along with tackling bags

All the teams jerseys, are now muddied rags

Gary, the President, he carried the pain

But his determination, it wouldn’t wane

The pressure was on, he felt the strain

Lucky for us, this man has a brain

Bruce was always on hand, he is a Member for Life

He cared for the clubhouse, as much as he cares for his wife

The Colonel and his crew, they tended buildings and field

And just like Old Bowie the Legend, these blokes refused to yield

Cheryl and Rod, our Southerners, they knew what to do

“We’ll look after volunteers and workers, by having a B-B-Q”

Then Norma and the Juniors, they all answered the call

With them as our future, our club surely stands tall

Too many are the numbers of helpers to name each one

Many are those who were there when the job had to be done

Builders and businessmen came on board to lend a hand

United against the elements, employees and volunteers took a stand

Tracey rallied the Pollies, our representatives who did their share

To appreciate their workload, you had to be there

Then the media came into town, looking for a story or two

They wanted local heroes, and they found a lot more than a few

Anna, the Premier, she then got in on the act

She was looking for the Soul of Queenlanders, and that’s a fact

A place where communities refuse to lay down and die

After telling the World, “Queenslanders don’t cry”

She was seeking a place to commence Operation Bounce Back

Where better to look, than the club that wears Blue and Black

Goodna that, from the river, got a flogging second to none

But just like her football teams, Goodna is never undone

Yes, Goodna will rebuild along with the rest of the State

The foundation stone is having a mate look after a mate

All proclaiming I’m proud to live in the State of Sunshine

And cheering the Mighty Eagles across – the winning line

©Tony Caswell (T C The Goodna Gunna) 7/05/2011

Got this idea the night before the Official Opening of the Goodna Rugby League Clubhouse on Saturday 7/05/2011.


  1. johnharms says

    TC, Great to hear things are getting back to normal. I’d have expected nothing less from you mad bastards. It’s all to much fun to give away. All the best, JTH

  2. Tracey Bradley says

    thanks for putting TC poem up John, he always know how to put into words the feeling of the community GO GOODNA!!!

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