The Gambler at the Guillotine

The gambler racked up quite a debt,

but always claimed he’d pay it back.

They put a bounty on his head

and caught him at a country track.


They placed him in the guillotine,

then kindly granted one last wish.

He asked to hear the latest odds

and tipped the favourite in the fifth.



About Damian Balassone

Damian Balassone is a delusional Collingwood supporter who writes poetry and fiction. He is the author of 'Strange Game in a Strange Land'.


  1. Ha!!

    Love it.

  2. Why does my neck hurt? Good one DB – if you don’t laugh you cry on the punt.
    On a serious note –
    It changed my life – hope it changes the life of someone you know and more importantly the family, friends and work colleagues they are hurting.
    Only you can change – but you can’t change on your own.

  3. DBalassone says

    Thanks Dips, PB. Gamblers anonymous are great, PB. Turned around a good mate of mine a few years back too.

  4. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Timely and nicely poeticised DB. Picturing metaphorical guillotines going through a number of Aussie bank accounts in the coming weeks.

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