The Footygods: Zelus

Zelus was a difficult god to be around. As the god of envy and rivalry, he could cause real difficulties even when he wasn’t trying. And he would leave us mortals to drink of bitter sorrow.

We’ve seen a bit of envy and rivalry in the black and whites in the last year. Eddie wanted Bucks to have the top job. Bucks wanted it.  Mick thought that he should keep it. Mick pulled the pin and then Eddie chipped in with a few words that just started the fight all over again.

It wasn’t like they were sacking Mick because he couldn’t coach. He had just won them one flag and got them pretty close to a few more. It was more that Bucks was the young rival and Eddie wanted to keep him. And you could imagine Zelus chatting away in their ears. And that premiership cup filled with bitter sorrow.


Ian Latham




  1. I was dreaming of the past,
    And my heart was beating fast.
    I began to lose control,
    I began to lose control.
    I didn’t mean to hurt you.
    I’m sorry that I made you cry.
    Oh no, I didn’t mean to hurt you.
    I’m just a Zelus guy.

  2. Music – JLennon; Lyrics – MMalthouse

  3. And the whistling bit too!

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