The Footygods: the Trojan wars

The Trojans were unbeatable at home. They had a walled city by the water. They were able to defend easily and they could sweep out of their city to attack their enemy. They could always replenish their wounded soldiers. After a few years, the invading armies started thinking that they couldn’t win.

The Trojan wars had it all. The endeavour. The respect that one army showed for the leader of the other who had lost his beloved child. The victory after ten years of struggle. The recognition that the journey would still be long and difficult.

It was a bit like Skilled Stadium on Saturday. Geelong had won the last 29 in a row. The stadium was crammed with their supporters. The swans hadn’t won there for over a decade. They were over eight bucks to win.

And within it all; a captain immersed in grief. And in a fine moment, the cats wore black.

But on Saturday, the swans outran the cats. They out tackled them. They out contested them. They out kicked them. And when the siren blew, the swans were up by over two goals. But even in their jubilation, they knew that the journey would still be long and difficult.


Ian Latham

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