The Footygods: The Titans and the Giants


by Ian Latham

You can always tell Zeus. He’s the middle aged greek bloke either standing up looking serious with his thunder bolts or sitting down looking serious. You didn’t want to get in his way. Well, tell that to the Titans. They thought that they just owned the place, which was true. They didn’t want some upstart like Zeus coming in and running the show. 

And so the long war started. For years it dragged on with no clear winner. But the Titans were divided. They didn’t have much support amongst women. Some of the greatest of the Titans joined Zeus. And then Zeus unleashed the Giants and his great new weapons.  And soon enough, that was that.

I saw Andrew Demetriou sitting on the couch the other day and jeez he looked serious. With his new broadcast deal, I could almost imagine him with a thunderbolt eyeing off the NRL. But then, Demetriou doesn’t want to take on the NRL. He told us so. And what comparison could you find with the Titans and the Giants? It goes to show that you can only push an analogy so far.


  1. I thought this was going to be an article on the Gold Coast NRL teams…

  2. Although the Seagulls were missing…

  3. You made me laugh.

  4. Have just considered the previous post: maybe I should have gone with lol (would have been my first ever).

    Nah, maybe the Almanac version could be YMML.


  5. YMML

  6. Jeez I’m dim. Read the intro and thought it was going to be about the Magpies and the Cats.
    Then I just couldn’t work out which one women didn’t like. So many reasons, so little to choose between them.
    Personally I see Demetriou more as a Don Quixote tilting at windmills, with Anderson as the long suffering Sancho Panza.
    Making a business out of a game. Treating a business like a game. When the business should be about preserving the great things about the game, not exploiting it.
    With shorter quarters we could just call it 20/20 football.

  7. @PeterB re 20/20 football.

    I thought the reason they brought in the sub rule waspartly to slow the game down, and now they’re saying the games too demanding. If we shorten the quarters, will we end up with what we had with full quarters and four interchange players (as opposed to 3 + 1 sub)?

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