The Footygods: the Fates


The Fates spun and cut the thread of your life. Clotho would spin the thread upon her spindle. Lachesis would measure it out and Atropos would cut it and you were gone. It didn’t matter how good you were for the vast bulk of your days on earth; if you came to the end of your length of thread, well, that was it.


It is a bit like the finals. If you’re in the bottom four, one loss and you’re gone. And come this weekend, two of the bottom four will come to the end of their length of thread. And the greatest games that they played during the season won’t count for anything. No matter how unfair it all seems, their fans will pack away their scarves.


But then, its better than ninth.


Ian Latham


  1. My mother-in-law (a long suffering Saints supporter and a woman of substance) has stated that it is very foolish to pray to God, any God, at the football for two reasons:

    1 – He/she may not support your team
    2 – He/she probably has better things to do anyway, than sort out a game of footy.

  2. Dips and Ian,

    Dips I love your mum, wise wise woman. Ian, loved the connection to the threads. Very visual. Can feel a cartoon coming on…..


  3. I agree re. praying for/about football, God doesn’t take sides, He doesn’t even hate Collingwood!
    As a former school chaplain and football coach I had to resisit the urge to pray for victory in 3 consecutive Grand Finals! We lost the first and won the next two.

    Reminds me of a classic scene in “The Longest Day” a WWII film, about D Day from memory, with a host of big name stars such as John wayne, mostly in cameos.
    At one point when things are not going well for the Allies, one of their soldiers muses, “Sometimes I wonder whose side God is on”.
    A little later, when the tables have turned, a German soldier looks heavenward and muses, “Sometimes I wonder whose side God is on”.

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