The Footygods: Philoctetes


by Ian Latham

Philoctetes was a warrior with a wounded foot. He was in such pain that the greeks left him out of the army with which they intended to attackTroy. Abandoned and suffering on the island of Lemnos, he waited until Heracles finally arrived to command him onwards to Troy.  And there of course, he slayedParis, the prince ofTroyand burst from the greek horse to help win the war. And he got given a couple of cities to call his own.

There were a lot of injured players on Saturday and most of them shouldn’t have been on the park. Which goes to show that you shouldn’t second guess the gods. Its not a good idea to pretend that you’re OK to play when you’re running around on one leg. That might lead to them putting a big line through you at trade week. But to impress them; that’s something different.

And Stevie J was something different. The week before, he looked like he wouldn’t play again for months. But there he was on Saturday and he cut the pies to pieces. And to play well when all around think that you can’t play at all; well, the gods would probably award you a city or two. Or at least give you a couple of extra points at the best and fairest.




  1. Ian – Johnno might get a city; the keys to Geelong.

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