The Footygods: Nike

Nike was the sister of Kratos, Bia and Zelus. Given that they personified strength, force and envy, they almost had a forward line between them. Nike made up for what they missed. With her wings and chariot she was known for her speed and the greeks just loved her.
Saturday saw indigenous round come to the SCG. And out on the ground was Lewis Jetta. Twice overlooked at draft time. Nineteen points before his first goal. But on Saturday night, he was wearing his flash boots and ready to play. And more than once he scorched down the ground and absolutely blasted the ball through.
That’s the thing about footy. You can listen to Ross Lyons say for the 100th time how you need to stick to the game plan and work hard. But in their hearts, the crowd prefers it when someone picks up the ball, tears down the field and unloads a big bomb. And Lewis did and we loved him for it.

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