The Footygods: Mt Olympus

And then there were four. The swans got to take on the pies and the hawks got the crows. And both pairs fought over the right to get into the big one; the right to play for a silver cup at the MCG. And there is nothing bigger and nothing more special than the G on Grand final day.

There was nothing bigger and more special than Mt Olympus for the ancient greeks. It was where their gods lived and thought up ways to unjustly torment us or unfairly enrich us.
Footy is a lot like that. You can play brilliantly all year and be struck down by injury just before the big one. The umpires can miss it when you fair dinkum dropped it. And don’t dare think that you are the best before you pass the final test. You can blame the footy gods for those sorts of cruelties.

My friend Vaughan first taught me about football at university. And this year we’ll both be there with our kids at the MCG. They’ll be wearing the brown and gold and we’ll be wearing the red and white. And we’ll both hope that the footygods like us on the day. And at the end, one group will be probably feel ecstatic and the other will probably feel despair. But to be there; that will really be something special.


  1. Peter Schumacher says

    I must say that my wife received something of an inheritance and we were so so tempted to spend up big and go using one of the packages available but just couldn’t quite bring ourselves to do it. Have to agree entirely though, to be there would have been special particularly given this year’s final.

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