The Footygods: Hebe

The Greeks had a god of youth called Hebe. She was the daughter of Zeus and carried the cup that the gods drank from. You could recognise her by her sleeveless dress. She even turned the old Iolaus into a young man.
On Saturday, one bunch of sleeveless kids battled another bunch of sleeveless kids at Manuka Oval. The Giants took on the Suns four points down at the third break, stormed home and gave us all something to talk about.
That was a great story about youth and how they’ll get better as they grow older. But the best story was about the old bloke in the coach’s chair. Most of the Giants players weren’t even born when Kevin Sheedy hung up his playing boots. Most of them were still in school when the bombers moved him on. But on Saturday, he looked as proud and excited as a kid running out for his first game.

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