The Footygods: Bia

by Ian Latham


The greeks had lots of gods to make you think. They had Athena, the goddess of wisdom and learning. They had the muses who inspired writing and the arts. They could inspire you with their skill. A lot like Nic Naitanui. You could just marvel at him all day. And you could only marvel at the eagles this year. With wooden spoon in hand, they climbed all the way up the ladder to the top four. Beat Geelong and they were in a grand final.

But there were other gods who didn’t play to our higher nature. Like the children of Pallas. There was Bia who personified force and Kratos who personified strength. On Saturday, they were wearing navy blue hoops. And they pushed aside the eagles with all their beauty and their great story of 2011.

This weekend will bring the big day. And then we’ll go back to our lives. But we’ll remember Nic’s season for a long time to come.



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