The Footygods: Aniketos and Alexiares

Aniketos and Alexiares were the sons of Heracles and Hebe. Some called them gatekeepers. Some gave them responsibility for defence. There wasn’t much difference in those days. And on a footy field, there still isn’t.
The crowd always love the flash things up forward. They marvel at the skill of the midfield. But they know that it’s in defence where a game can really be lost. When the Eagles were pressing in the big spaces of Subiaco, Teddy Richards just kept marking those big bombs and Rhyce Shaw just kept bobbing out of defence like one of those battery powered rabbits.
You’ve just got to love them, don’t you? Cut from the big Melbourne clubs for a new life up north. Teddy with his clever articles and Rhyce with his lawns. Not that big. Not that strong. But they just keep at it. And they both know that there’s still a long way to go.


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