The Footygods: Ajax the great

Ajax the great was tall, big strong and smart. When he was born, Heracles threw a lion skin around him and prayed that the baby’s skin would be just as tough and his courage just as strong. Zeus came through on most of that but left the skin soft around his neck just to show that no one is invincible. He was one of the greatest of the Greek army against the Trojans. At one stage, he kept their navy at bay just by himself.

Adam Goodes often seemed to take on the opposition by himself. And with the Club games record, a premiership and a couple of Brownlows, he seemed to have it all. He had pace, height and skill and had missed just a handful of games to get to his 300th. And as he got older, he just seemed to get better.

On Saturday night he was just on fire. With five goals and six marks, he looked like he was going to take the Crows apart. And then he grabbed his leg and that was that for six weeks or so. And he proved that the swans weren’t invincible. And neither was he.

Ian Latham

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