The Footy Gods: Horme

Horme was a difficult god to describe. The scholars describe her onrush in battle. Perhaps the best way to describe her by what she wasn’t: apathetic. Horme was who you wanted next to you when you wanted to have a go. She could be a dangerous companion when you didn’t. Perhaps the girl that you wanted to go out with at seventeen. Perhaps the girl your mother didn’t want in her house.

On Saturday night, Horme was in fine form. The swans were out of the blocks in the first quarter and really put the bombers to the sword. She was giving Lewis Jetta the eye and he was flying. By the end of the third quarter, the red and white were cruising and my son said that they should start playing for percentage. But the last quarter came about and Horme changed her gaze to Jobe Watson and the Bombers were on the way home to one of the greatest victories of all. But when four points short, they could have had a shot on the bell but played on. And that was it.

It shows the injustice of it all. Its not often you get into the 50 metre arc on 78 occasions and still lose. An extra second and Essendon would have taken the game and the glory. But that’s the footygods for you. Horme came up short, the swans took the points and my son learnt a lot about hubris.


  1. John Harms says

    Did Horme keep stats?

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