The Footy Almanac turns 500,000

A half a million visits.

It seems like only yesterday that two brave print journos sailed off into uncharted waters. How the hell do you run a website?

Well, they got it done, and many of us have enjoyed the results.

If you have any comments on the Almanac as it is, or as you wish it to be, feel free.


  1. John Butler says

    JTH and Paul

    I’d just like to thank you for providing a platform for the dubious pleasures of my prose.

    I probably wouldn’t have got off my arse otherwise. So its your fault. :)

  2. Here here JB. and to all the youngens out there. All the best for the exams and keep up your wonderful offerings upon there completion.

  3. To celebrate the 500,000th visitor, I’d love it if the Almanac committee (lol)could organize a monumental piss up.

  4. John Butler says

    Drowning any sorrows Dips?

  5. …if i could marry a website.. ;)

  6. Peter Flynn says

    Which monument Dips?

  7. #4 JB – yep. Still mourning that lost yo yo.

    #5 Danni – great question. How do you marry a website? Reminds me of a scene in The Sopranos (best thing on TV of all time) when Tony Soprano was told his boy was expelled from school for vandalizing a pool. Tony asked:

    “How do you vandalize a pool?”

    Sorry, off track a bit…………….

  8. Peter Flynn says

    Graeme Garden (Goodies) married his computer.

    Anything’s possible.

    Happy harva’ mill.

  9. 7- LOL
    Well i dunno dips, but im still yet to marry a goal, still waiting to see which one i want to spend the rest of my life with. ;)

  10. #3 Genius idea Dips.

  11. Folks

    I think we’ll be finding excuses for a number of Almanac functions over the next few months. First will be lunch on the Monday before the Melbourne Cup, and then the launch of the Magpie edition.

    Back on deck.


  12. John Mosig says

    More than 500,000 visitors for year!!! That sounds a lot. We get over 100 a year not counting the postie. But they’re mainly relos from the bush or Telecom reps trying to get us to sign back on.

  13. Vin Maskell says

    Congratulations to the Almanac on 500,000 visitors. May there be many, many more. 500,000 more at least.

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