The Footy Almanac (AFL) Tip the Top 8 Competition (a season highlight)

G’day Sportsfans

The Tip the Top 8  Comp is at the heart of the life of The Footy Almanac. The defending champ is Theo Harms. The final count at the Grand Final Eve Lunch is one of the highlights of the international sporting calendar.

You have until siren time of the March 21 game between North Melbourne and Essendon to select the Top 8 teams IN THE ORDER YOU EXPECT THEM TO FINISH AT THE END OF THE HOME AND AWAY SEASON. The ORDER is all-important.

You will notice that is in the middle of Round 1. This is to allow those attending the Almanac Season Launch Lunch to get their tips at that lunch. (You are welcome at the lunch). Pick your Top 8 now, but I will take an amended 8 from you, delivered via email, up until the deadline. (One amendment email per entry please, so select your moment).

The count has become legendary for its mathematics, and the tension it inevitably creates on the day.

The winner is calculated thus:

If you have selected Hawthorn to be on top and they actually finish third, you score 4. (ie 1-3 squared)

If you have selected Sydney to finish second and they finish eighth, you score 36. (ie 2-8 squared)

and so on.

Your eight scores are added together.

The lowest total wins.

$10 per entry. You are welcome to more than one entry. Winner takes all.

Send your Top 8 in order to [email protected] and we will explain how you can play.

Please note that if you become a member of The Footy Almanac in 2014 you get a Top 8 entry (and a footy tipping entry) free. More news on membership later today.

Go Cats


You can join the footy tipping comp HERE




  1. Kevan Carroll says

    Interesting maths on the Sydney example, JTH. Might be a clue to Theo’s win last season…

  2. Thanks K Carroll. What would we do without you?

  3. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    The all-seeing factory in China that put this together (only $6 at Coles btw)

    has prepackaged the Top 18 (refer to the picture that shows the sealed package) – might be worth putting in an entry for them to see how well they go.

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