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The Footy Almanac 2014. From a painting by Susan Sutton*. Cover design by John Kingsmill (Tabloid)

The Footy Almanac 2014 is available from Nov 10.

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We thank Susan for her fine painting: AFL Grand Final 2014

Actual size … 88 x 65cms . Materials … oil on stretched linen.

It is, as of now, up for auction (closes Dec 16). Make your bid (commensurate with an artist of Susan’s talent and experience – see below) to [email protected]

Current bid: $2500

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*About Susan Sutton.

Susan Sutton headshot

Susan is an established Geelong-Surfcoast artist. She is renowned for her urban and coastal themes and social observations. Interactions of people in everyday life are important subjects and researched sporting themes are strongly represented in this mix.

Long recognised for her surf-lifesaving beach images, mainstream AFL and country club themes [participants and followers] have also become an increasing interest over the years.

Susan has had fourteen successful major solo exhibitions to date and by invitation has shared many other shows. She exhibits through selected galleries in Geelong, Lorne and Melbourne.

Her works are held in numerous private collections, but also in significant public collections including the National Sports Museum and Fine Arts collection at the MCG, The Geelong Regional Art Gallery, The National Library of Australia and The Gordon Foundation Collection just to name a few.

Most recently Susan completed work for the Lorne Surf Life Saving Club and was commissioned to paint the significant entrance foyer mural in the new St.John of God Hospital in Geelong.

Of course Susan closely follows the Geelong CATS, but on a particularly personal note has enjoyed following one of her son’s playing AFL internationally over the years for the Nashville Kangaroos in the USA and the Dubai Dingoes in the UAE !

Susan Sutton

P O Box 7413, Geelong West 3218


  1. Grant Fraser says

    the cover we had to have – well played.

  2. very good – well done all

  3. Andrew Weiss says

    Matt Spangher – he may introduce himself as 1 time premiership player and 3 times emergency player for a premiership team but now he can trump that by introducing himself as the player on the front cover of the prestigious Footy Almanac 2014.

    Surely worth another $100,000 when his contract is up for negotiation.

  4. Brilliant stuff. Buddy returns, six years later!

  5. Brilliant. Captures a moment and offers a rich and dramatic narrative- Buddy, by his own making, trapped and helpless in a nest of Hawks , Hodge waiting intelligently. And Spangher; cultish and almost surprised looking!

    Well done Susan!

  6. Congrats all. It looks fantastic and needless to say, the stakes in the Spangher! drinking game have been raised considerably.

  7. Love it. Sums up the year perfectly and gives us another reason to yell “SPANGHAAAARRRR!!!”

  8. Love it, the footy could almost be the premiership medal – aint no-one taking it off Spangher!


  9. Kate Birrell says

    Fabulous work Susan, looks great.


  10. Dave Brown says

    Spot on – the wrong footed Buddy and ever present be-bandaged Gibson add to the glory that is the Spangher. Look forward to seeing it in paper form!

  11. Peter the Mudie says

    Good stuff, Susan – top effort.
    Is that Cyril? Get the ball to him – he’s asking for it!

  12. Had to be Spangher but love the group shot

  13. And is it McVeigh back right still looking to get his hands on the ball 5 weeks later?
    Great work Susan. Is the blue and white background and foreground the only way Harms could get those colours on the cover this year? Did he put you up to it?

  14. Yvette Wroby says

    Dear Susan and John,

    great work on the front cover. It looks brilliant, and perfectly catches the day and atmosphere.

    Well done all


  15. Sits very nicely in the collection.

  16. You footy almanac blokes are a bunch of wankers. Blowing wind up each oither’s arses about how “brilliant” you all are. Just a bunch of wannabees who’ll never make it as real writers.

  17. Come and join us Murko, Words of that quality are always welcome and, besides, it sounds like you could do with a bit of love.

  18. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Well done Susan captured the day perfectly and fantastic support from Murko so eloquent

  19. Grant Fraser says

    Is that you Caro?

  20. Great cover
    It sums up the day beautifully with McVie looking at anything but the ball. Most likely looking for a hole to climb into

  21. Murko – That’s sexist – what about the Almanac women?

  22. What a fantastic cover, sort of sums up the Grand Final.

  23. At another time of year I’d be aching to get my hands on a leather Sherrin
    but, come November, and I can’t wait to get them on glossy cardboard:
    and this effulgent scene only intensifies the urgency. Congratulations,
    Susan, and you, John, for having an aesthetic eye (or two, conceivably)
    to know greatness when you see it. :)

  24. Sorry, stretched linen, not cardboard.

    Hope I haven’t offended anyone?


  25. Andrew Starkie says

    Murko’s onto us. Had to happen eventually.

    Next year’s cover will feature Browny taking a hanger in the squae on gf day.

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