The Footy Almanac 2013: great for kids who love footy, and the rest of the known universe

In this year’s Footy Almanac, apart from a report on every game by over 150 writers there are:

Forewords by:

Craig Little on Stephen Danks

David Hobson on the drama of the Demons

Barb Smith on carpark capers

Tim Boyle on Luke Hodge

JTH’s Season Review

Finals reports from:

Comedian Declan Fay on watching The Curse broken with Jeff himself.

JTH on the gripping Prelim

Sean Gorman’s purple pilgrimmage to the MCG for the Grand Final

Jo Toscano on the Hawthorn experience

Mickey Randall on chook, and watching the Grand Final from Singapore.

Rick Kane on Hawk fairytales


The perfect Christmas present for the footy fan.

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  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Fellow Knackers I have found out the back of the cricket at ad oval and then pubs since are a great spot to sell the footy almanac use alcohol to your advantage

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