The Fearless Files – AFL Round 12: KBTV the tiger equivalent of EDTV..kev, browny and flea…

Hard to know where to lay the blame in the Friday night clash between the Cats and the blues. A 5 point margin in favour of the Cats saw Mick M seeing red over the umpire (who was behind 8 players). The Cats of course saw nothing. McLean letting Selwood have an open run/shot at the goals costly in the last minute.  Gibbs starred.


Ex-Tasmanian Brendan Bolton returned to the Apple Isle with his injury-depleted Hawks to host the West Coast at Aurora Stadium in Launceston. The Eagles started with much more purpose but soon fell into the bad habits that have plagued their season so far. Roughy’s 8 and debutant Lowden’s 3 – the Hawk icing on a 48pt win.


Port’s Chad Wingard took the mark of the year over St.Kilda’s Sean Dempster. Apart from that Port cruised to a massive win over the young Saints. Whatever IP Alan Richardson had from his days at Port was submerged under the weight of the talent differential between the two sides. Port by 70pts, powering away in the 2nd half .


GWS hosted Essendon and the visitors scrapped for a 15pt win to get some momentum into a stop-start season. Young Joe Daniher earned a rising star nomination for some big marks and 3.4 in a vision of what is to come. Bomber skipper Watson’s injury another setback for Essendon, but his rectus was rectus.


Demon-turned-Lion, Stefan Martin return from footy’s wilderness against Bulldog Will Minson, as Brisbane’s lone ruckman. The jungle drums had been beating that the Bulldogs hadn’t been progressing as well as anticipated. Harsh! Until you get games into the youngsters, Dogs coach McCartney will be under scrutiny. Lions 8pts.


Gold Coast hosted the Sydney Swans and proceeded to get a lesson in being a consistently good side. The Suns didn’t help their cause through inaccuracy but the evenness of Sydney’s forward spread even allowed for injury to Tippett. Up bobs Harry Cunningham with 4.0. Gazza still got 37 stats but Swans home well by 35pts.


Adelaide led an inaccurate Freo by 2pts at Patersons at half time. Charlie Cameron bobbed up with 3 goals but the home side wrested ascendency in the second half with the Pav kicking 3. Fremantle’s 9.9 to the Crows 3.3 after the main break said it all. The Freo defence allowed the Crows very little room to breathe. Freo by 40pts.


North hosted Richmond in front of KBTV. It was the best of times and the worst of times for both teams. Richmond produced its finals form of 2013 to lead by 35pts at the main break, leaving the Roos in Dusty Neck-Tatts’ wake. Dusty’s 4 1st 1 /2 goals, matched by Petrie’s 4 2nd half goals as the Roos reeled in the Tigers to win by 28pts.


On Queens Birthday, the snoozefest between Melbourne and Collingwood…blame the umpires blame the teams, blame the coaches but a public holiday shouldn’t be taken for granted. Watch if you’ve nothing else to do, but otherwise get out there and enjoy a day off. The Pies by 33pts, despite anticipation that it’d be way closer.

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