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Haven’t the weekends results thrown up a few surprises.  Who knows how it will all end?  Tears before bedtime or one for the true believers?

On the one hand we have the grimly negative mob with the coach with the Ukrainian mafia haircut and the glib 3 word slogans – “Stop the Run”/“Close them Down”.

On the other we have the flaky bunch where you never know what you are going to get from week to week.  Is it dazzling flair and innovation or is it lazy, self indulgent wastefulness?  They do have a couple of recent flags to their credit, but why did they change coaches when they were on top?

Anyway we’ll know soon enough.  Roll on September 7 and that Qualifying Final between the Dockers and the Cats should be a ripper.

If political parties were footy teams who do you reckon they’d be?

If politicians were players or coaches who would be in your line up?



  1. I don’t want to get into 2 party partisan politics and comparisons as that will make a DRS discussion looks civilised.

    But Bob Katter is sooo Kevin Sheedy

    Peter Slipper is Essendon, something to hide?

    Melbourne is definately the Monster Raving Looney Party bought back from the dead?

    St Kilda probably the Democrats (are they even around anymore). Best years are sadly behind them, spent force from the glory years.


  2. PB – is it just me or does K. Rudd look like Mr Magoo’s brother?

    Sorry to be off topic.

  3. Dips – Let me just say this………………………………………………….
    Sorry was there a question there somewhere?
    I always thought of KRudd as Tintin in specs.

  4. Carlton are definitely Tony Abbott – three word slogans, as in WE’RE COMING. BORN TO RULE (Or is that Essendon?)

    Yes, Essendon are Peter Slipper – quite bizarre and innocently dishonest. Or Craig Thompson maybe – wilfully dishonest.

    Are Melbourne Julia Gillard? Couldn’t run a cold bath, and in the end had to walk out of the tent into the blizzard..

    What about Port? After seeing Joe Hockey tame Leigh Sales, could he be JH? Not taken seriously, but deserves to be.

    Who would the Sex Party be? GWS maybe? A great marketing idea but limited voting pull.

    Here comes the nurse with my medication. I’ll catch you later Boys.

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