The Creation of the 2014 Almanac: Matt Spangher breathes life into this year’s back-to-back edition

Spangher and JTH

The Creation of the Almanac

John Harms (@ratherbeatlunch) was at lunch (for once) on Friday.

When Matt Spangher heard the Almanac was being compiled he quickly jumped on the chair and offered to play his part in its creation.

[Kevan Carroll played his role as Michelangelo]

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  1. Grant Fraser says

    Just two very naughty boys.

  2. And the risen one said unto Doubting Thomas “because thou has seen me, thou has believed; blessed are the Hawks who had not seen me, but still believed”.
    And so it written in the Good Book – Almanac 2014.
    Matthew (Zurbo)
    Mark (? Trade Week Opportunities – can we get Mark Stephens to write the foreword?)
    Luke (Reynolds)
    John (Harms)

  3. Neil Anderson says

    I’m assuming the cover of the 2014 Almanac has been decided. I was about to suggest that the montage of good guys succeeding after adversity and teams winning after decades in the wilderness should now include a cross- footy -cultural shot of the South Sydney team.
    Instead of Matt Priddis in the centre it would have to be that holy photo of Matt Spangher showing the way and leading the others ‘out of the wilderness’. The disciples would include the Footscray VFL team, the South Sydney NRL team, Matt Priddis and Lewis Taylor.

  4. Not as crowded as the Sistine Chapel.

  5. Is that the Star of Bethlehem I see above JTH’s head? And Wise Men in the background? Is Matt Spangher standing on a chair or ascending? Looks like the 2014 Almanac will have Divine Guidance. Expect some heavenly writing.

    Cheers, Burkie

  6. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says


    It’s just a light on a Holiday Inn

  7. Swish- nice Skyhooks reference. Spangher? What of the ’97 retrospective edition with Aaron Keating on the cover?

  8. Nice fella and good story but spangher was very lucky to get a game in GF – overall had a really poor finals series

  9. matt watson says

    I thought Spangher was lucky too. Asked a Hawk fan after the game if he could believe Spangher was a premiership player.
    But he played a decent GF and there are no poor premiership players.
    Footy is all about timing, and taking your chance.
    Spangher did it.
    Well done him…

  10. Chris Bracher says

    All power to the Spang.. I felt for him when he missed with tThe Bloods in 2012 and the despite the painful irony of him becoming a Premiership player against my club, I say “well played” to the persistent one.

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