The commentary year that was

Each year throws up some memorable commentary: what springs to your mind?

Wendell Sailor: “There may be no I in TEAM but there’s five in INDIVIDUAL BRILLIANCE”

Danny Frawley, on Liam Jurrah’s mark: …laughter…”Oh my Lord!”

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  1. Peter Flynn says


    For mine, it was Chris Kamara (around-the-groundsman) at Fratton Park missing the red card.

    Link below:

    Still incredibly funny.

    Not quite on topic but Soccer Saturday produces some absolute gems.

    Jeff Stelling’s Middlesborough rant is gold. Go on Jeff!

  2. GF REPLAY- Dennis Cometti
    “They’re home well and truly, but they may not be home later tonight…!”
    4th Qtr 2:38 to go.

    Sums it up perfectly since my fam packed up and flew down to spend the night partying with the cousins till the early hours of the morning.

  3. Levi Greenwood’s matchwinning goal against the Brisbane Lions, Round 11:

    Dwayne Russell: “In your dreams!”

  4. GF Replay:

    Dennis the Obtuse: “He came up behind him like a librarian…”

  5. Andrew Starkie says

    Not 2010 I know, but Joe Frazier commentated for TV the Rumble in the Jungle in October, 1974. At one point, while in a clinch, Ali looked over at Smokin’ Joe.

    Frazier: ‘I cannot believe it. He just winked at me!’

    Love sportspeople, politicians etc, who keep their sense of humour in the heat of battle. Great perspective.

    On a totally different level, Drew Morphett in 2009: ‘Gee those Aboriginal players are good tacklers.’ Aren’t they supposed to be, Drew? Fair dinkum.

  6. GF replay.
    During Mick’s speech, Sharrod Wellingham faces cameras showing off his medal and can be heard in between team mates describing the moment as- ‘GROUSE MOUSE!’

    i have to laugh every time i hear it. :)
    Grouse indeed!

  7. Andrew Starkie says

    intelligent those magpies

  8. 7- why yes, Dawes does have that law degree! :D

  9. 7- Surely you jest.

  10. #4: Andrew: I remember that comment by Drew. He seems like a lovely fellow, but is he a relic of a bygone era?
    Footballers are footballers…regardless of skin colour, family background or state of origin, etc. And we should be able to enjoy and celebrate their football without having to suffer through childish comments such as those.

  11. Andrew Starkie says

    yeah, I’m sure Drew didn’t mean anything by it, but he would’ve lost his job in some countries. Similar vain to the comment from the little bloke from ch. 10 – can’t think of his name – who said ‘Montagna answers his critics’ after he kicked a goal the week he was embroiled in a criminal investigations a few seasons ago.

    don’t they hand law degrees out?

  12. 11- If they did i would be lawyer and i would also be the pride and joy of my family lol.
    No sir, Law is very heavy stuff- its a good thing Dawes is a big boy.

  13. I’m not a huge fan of the Skull but I quite liked Kerry O’Keefe’s comment during the recent Ashes series that the English team had been wished good luck by Nelson Mandela.

  14. Dennis Cometti’s commentary of Buddy Franklin’s second extraordinary goal against Essendon in Round 13.

  15. Dwayne Russell – Hawthorn vs Adelaide @ launceston mid season —- must have said ‘good crowd in’ approximately 50 times, in between passages of play as well….e.g. van berlo, handballs to dangerfield, good crowd in, great tackle from hodge etc etc

  16. Cometti: “Like a crying woman entering a crowded sports bar carrying a spear gun; you knew it wasn’t going to end well.”

  17. Kevin Rudd after Kerry O’Brien suggested he was all talk and no action:

    “Well its alright for you Kerry, sitting out there in 7.30 land……..”

  18. Andrew Starkie says

    very good, Dips. Have you read Barry Cassidy’s ‘Party Thieves’ about the 2010 election. Very interesting. Poor KR007 copped a hiding from all angles, from everyone.

  19. Dennis Commetti again:

    From Round 9 2008, 2nd Quarter 17.20 Collingwood Vs Geelong..

    With Geelong struggling to get the ball out of defence..”talk about the cat’s looking’s like Michael Buble trying to do the best of Steppenwolf”

  20. 19-
    ..what! Dennis doesn’t like Buble either? What is wrong with you blokes?

  21. Darren Smith says

    Greg Blewett for mine on Fox Sports – introducing a 20/20 double header at Adelaide (I think) started by describing the Women’s fixture as “should be a bit of fun” followed by the Men’s game as “the serious stuff.”

    PS. I’ve never understood why Drew Morphett gets a gig each year.

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