The centre of AFL in 2015

Melbourne usually comes to mind when thinking about the centre of AFL in Australia. It’s home to nine out of 18 AFL clubs and the most frequently used venues in the MCG and Docklands. Fans in the traditional footy heartlands of Adelaide and Perth might argue that they are just as worthy to be considered the centre of AFL in Australia.

In fact the centre of AFL, in a literal sense, is just outside the small town of Mittyack in the Mallee region of Victoria. To be precise, the centre of AFL in 2015 is:


The wheat-growing town 404 kilometres north-west of Melbourne isn’t home to an AFL club and won’t be hosting any matches, not even during the pre-season. Nor is it known whether the area has ever produced a single AFL player.

How is it that such a small town, devoid of any real connection to the AFL, could be considered the centre of the competition in 2015?

Adopting the method used by the Australia Bureau of Stats to calculate the centre of population, it turns out that a location just outside Mittyack is right at the centre of all 198 matches to be played in the 2015 season. This point marks the average latitude and longitude around which the matches are distributed.


centre of afl


The ‘centre’ is weighted heavily by the 45 MCG and 46 Docklands matches in Melbourne. There’s also a further 8 games down the highway at Kardina Park in Geelong.

Pulling the ‘centre’ westwards are the 22 matches each played in Adelaide and Perth.

Then there is the pull from the north-east with 19 matches across three venues in Sydney and a further 11 matches each in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

There is a smattering of games played outside the regular home ground venues too. The most southerly location is Hobart, which hosts 3 matches in 2015. Darwin is the most northerly location, hosting one match. And across the Tasman, there’s one match in Wellington, easily the most easterly location.

All in all, there are 17 different venues this season in all eight states and territories – and New Zealand.

So if you happen to live near Mittyack and are lamenting a lack of connection with the AFL, remember that you are closer than anyone else to every match being played this season.


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  1. Dave Brown says

    Nice work Mike! So, we leave it to Sea Lake Nandaly, Ouyen United and Tooleybuc Manangatang to fight it out over the title of Australia’s central football club?

  2. The Wrap says

    I’ll plug for The Ghost’s old team – Nandaly. They used to have a great little wine bar there on the old highway. Not far from Day Trap Corner.

  3. Mike Hugo says

    Thanks Dave. I do like those club names in the Mallee Football League.

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