The Best Nicknames of 1986: Discuss

Inspired by Mickey Randall’s clever piece I’ve dug out a team that I was involved in. Our team nickname was “The Sty Council” after our coach and full-forward.

The Adelaide Uni Annual Report for Season 1986 lists three premiership team lineups, but only this one commemorates success using the official nicknames bestowed by Chocka Bloch.

(I guess it would have been better if my last name had been spelt correctly.)

And yes Mickey, there was indeed both a Doc and a Davo.

‘Plug’ Harcourt was 21st man, ‘Spaceman’ Forbes was 22nd (they brought their boots just in case).

Sty Council

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Saw my first SANFL game in 1967 - Dogs v Peckers. Have only ever seen the Dogs win 1 final in the flesh (1972 1st Semi) Mediocre forward pocket for the AUFC Blacks (1982-89) Life member - Ormond Netball Club -That's me on the right


  1. didn’t Sty kick 5 or 6 goals in the first quarter to set up the win?

    Sty was once a North Adelaide Reserves player so he looked pretty strong in Amateur League A9 competition

    note Channel 7 personality “APEC Annie” Anne Fulwood – sister of Flop – was at the game – the Sty Council was a big ticket item in Adelaide social circles in the 1980s

  2. Dave Brown says

    3 nickname votes to Melon Culley

  3. Team kicks 14 goals, but not one from the will o’ the wisp/ goal sneak/ crumber/ finisher (thanks Coodabeens) in the forward pocket?
    Think I would have cut the scores off the bottom before publishing.
    You have given me an idea for a future article “great sporting teams that won despite me” or “the view from the passenger seats”.

  4. Unable to snag a cheap one from the pocket, Swish ?

  5. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Plug’s comment gives some clue to my role on the day, as decoy full forward I had six left footed knuckleheads from Blackfriars on my ginger all game while Sty strolled in for six of the softest Joe The Gooses you’ve ever seen.

    Getting back to the theme of nicknames, for some reason everyone was calling me Krispy Kreme afterwards.

  6. Greg "Evel" Pattison says

    Think I was still drunk when at the First Bounce but I distinctly remember that a got an extremely Sweaty, Muddy and VERY Enjoyable Cuddle and big Kiss from Flop’s Sister, Anne Fulwood, at the completion of the game ;)

  7. charlie brown says

    some good memories thanks Swish. I reckon Monkey Face would be one of the very few nicknames at uni where the nickname was entirely visual i.e. you had to witness it to appreciate it! Any others?

  8. At The Races says

    “Evel” – And that’s why it says “Evil” on the team sheet. ;)

    Sty must have got 3 goals in the first three minutes. But, to be fair to St Doms – after that it was a very even contest.

    Plug – Sty did kick 6 in the first quarter. It must have been the first quarter because, by my recollection, he dragged himself at quarter time to focus on his coaching role in the subsequent quarters. Six goals, each from set shots 2 metres out after taking an impossible fingertip grab while running backwards into the pack. I’ve never seen anything more inspiring.

    Peter_B – Be fair. Swish just wasn’t getting reward for effort. 6 times Swish was in position waiting under the pack only to see Sty pluck the ball from his grasp – 6 times. The first three times Swish was expecting an easy chest mark. The next three times he was running up Sty’s back going for an overhead but he couldn’t get high enough. It just wasn’t his day. But I can’t personally vouch for his work rate or effectiveness in his numerous other Premiership wins. So perhaps you should act on your idea for that future article now.

  9. At The Races says

    And what about the T-shirts? And the Premiership edition. Now they were “Special”.

    I hope I can still find mine.

  10. Love the centre half back.

  11. The things I remember from that match was the St Doms captain working himself up into lather before the match to take on Sty to the point where he was almost hyperventilating before the match had even started. 10 minutes later and with at least 3 goals being scored against him by his direct opponent he seemed a tad deflated! Also, Goodwin at the Races thanking me for sheparding his long kick at goal through in the dying stages of the last quarter, yet in reality, I was doing my absolute darndest to mark the bloody ball but misjudged it completely. Ooops.

    BTW, how did Sty not get in the best players when he kicked 6 sausage rolls?

  12. Thanks DB – my nickname was my contribution to the game with the biggest highlight coming later that night………………we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in two weeks.

    Worth noting that we had 3 ruckman in that team who had played A1’s……..

    Sty would never put himself in the BP’s

  13. Hi Culls.

    Who was the third? Obviously Sty & Wacker were 2 of the 3.

    Looking at that team line up made me realise how strong a team it really was and this was for lowly Div. 9! Being able to afford having Tony Mellen as a Centre Half Back rather than as a ruckman, for which he had previously made his name, just goes to show how bloody good a side it was.

  14. Jim – i thought Tony Mellen also did but maybe I’m wrong. I also think Justin Taylor played in the team that year and he certainly played A1

  15. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Evel/Evil – You’d been waiting for that all year.

    Charlie – I’ve got a photo of Patto as E.T. That nickname never stuck.

    Dips – That nickname didn’t do him justice. I would have gone with ‘Always’

    At The Races – Thanks for covering for me, like you did the whole season. Chocka is wearing the Sty Council t-shirt in Rulebook’s tribute article. Mine’s still around somewhere.

    Big Jim – That’s two A9 flags we shared, we must be due for the Hall of Fame call up soon.

    Culls – You were obviously saving yourself. I was married by then, I had no excuse. Pee Wee Taylor played the first eight games, kicking 35 goals. Do you remember why he stopped? Celebrating your anniversary at the Sonny Morey Lounge?

  16. Malcolm Ashwooc says

    Enjoying all the guys comments Swish I don’t think the restaurant we went to with the
    Glamour side – Sty council combined premiership dinnerever recovered.Chocka often remarked how good a game it would have been between the 2 premiership sides

  17. At The Races says

    High Priest on the bench. Now that’s depth.

  18. At The Races says

    ” ‘Plug’ was 21st man” – right where he can do the most damage.
    The opposition can hear the heckling but they can’t retaliate until after the game. Plug also figured prominently from his position in the Members’ Stand at Adelaide Oval in the A1 Premiership the next week.

    And talk of intervarsity trips in another post reminded me of the time in the 80s when a prominent AFL coach minding his own business (arriving at work I suspect) came within shouting distance of the tourists. Plugger promptly and loudly questioned his future as a coach at what was a difficult time in his career. That coach certainly heard it, but he showed restraint. He may have swapped clubs but happily he coached another 300 AFL games so he got past it. But I am guessing that he has no idea why he breaks out in a sweat every time he hears the voice of a certain economist on TV.

  19. At The Races says

    As for nicknames. I always think I got off light. Had worse. Chocka did have a variation, perhaps later in the season, where it became ‘At The Flemington Races’. So I have always assumed that Footy wasn’t his only sporting interest. Perhaps he just needed to pad out Hold Your Bowlies.

    First you heard the nickname. Likely at Hold Your Bowlies. Then you had to work out who it belonged to. Then came the question why? Usually it related to their surname. But we didn’t always have the advantage of knowing the guys real name.

    I remember ringing a team mate at his place of work once. A colleague answered the phone. I asked for him by first and last name. Eventually he came to the phone and said rather sheepishly, “Er. They don’t call me that here.” That wasn’t his last name at all. Oops. I’d only known him for about 4 year s by then.

  20. Peter Flynn says

    I know a bloke I see at the races called Bread and Butter.

    Haven’t a clue his real name.

    When I introduce him:

    Such-and-such this is Bread and Butter. Just call him Bread.

  21. Rod Rocket Ellis was known as Captain Sensible – but PJF you can call him Captain. Was never called Skipper though.

  22. Kath-Sty Council Team Physio! says

    Bit late but Just found this after I heard Flop on the radio being interviewed from the Royal Show yesterday ! Fond memories of fun times. Hold Your Bowlies a not to be missed highlight after the game despite the blatant sexism! Your anecdotes sum it up beautifully. There should be a framed Sty Council t shirt in a Club Roon Hall of Fame..

  23. Just found this piece also!
    Sty was a champion, but a champion at minimizing the running he had to do. Staying in the goal square and marking sounds like an ideal approach. Also, if you are five goals ahead, take yourself off for a well deserved rest — why not!

  24. Hi guys
    Just been made aware of this site. Great work Swish.

    My personal recollections of GF were :

    Scariest moment – the week leading to and having to tell Spaceman he wasn’t in team. Wasn’t sure how he would react but made sure I told him in presence of Evel and Doc.

    Biggest regret #1- naming the BPs somewhat prematurely. The real standout for the day was Geoff Russell managing to pick the lock of the Singapores’ wine cellar.

    Biggest regret # 2- which Culls alluded to. Reggie ( what a beautiful man) and I got so absorbed in game that I’m pretty sure we didn’t give Culls a run all day. Still feel bad about this . Culls was a very very handy defender and if I recall finished very high in B&F.

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