The Beeaanly Bugle: Summer Season Wrap-Up


Summer Season Wrap-Up


The Grand Final unfortunately did not feature our beloved Beeaans. The two teams, in fact the only two the defeat The Beeaans this season, that featured in the final game were Cash Money, and Mid Life Crisis, with the latter being victorious in convincing fashion.


Before getting into the rest of the piece, a question, left by Smokie, was posed to me about giving away The Beeaans secrets, and honestly, if other teams need to read my articles to have a chance of beating us, they need all the help they can get.


Now onto the juicy part, The Beeaans ended the season with some votes for MVP, MVP (excluding Skip and Grandpa), Most Improved, and Defensive Player of the Year (DPOY). With many of the results being decided by just one vote, the final decisions were…


DPOY: Moss. Although he didn’t lead any defensive statistical categories, Moss always finds a way to sneak a hand into a passing lane, or knock the ball loose from an opposition player, with his seemingly giant wingspan. Alongside this, he was a beast on the rebounding, flirting with double digits on multiple occasions.


Most Improved: Kamanchi. Expected to score once a game, or potentially once every two games, he stepped up and smashed his own targets, averaging more than double his aim for the season, and just from the eye test, was most certainly the most improved Beeaan.


MVP (excluding Skip and Grandpa): No Ice. The leading scorer when the Beeaans Big Two is taken out of the equation, he was top three in every statistical category (excluding blocks and rebounds, the tall people stats). He edged out The Pigwan by one vote, who was the fourth leading scorer, and was top four in every other category as well.


MVP: Grandpa Bean. The leading scorer, the most skilled and best Beeaan was voted MVBeeaan for the first full summer season. There isn’t much more to say about elder statesmen of The Beeaans, who had a number of amazing individual performances. The 16 points in five minutes, 20 points off 60 percent shooting, and a phenomenal 42 percent from three point for the season.


With that being the end of the 2020/21 Summer Season, The Beeaans have a new set of grading games, and their first winter season approaching, a new set of challenges arises. A full 17 round winter season rather than the short summer season a top four finals series, and most importantly, another season of experience under their belt.


As has been happening throughout the careers of each of the Beeaans, individual improvements are, as always, a major goal to work towards for each and every Beeaan.


For Grandpa Bean, he wants to improve his inside game, and not rely on his outside shooting so much, while also having a stronger rebounding ability. Likewise with Chinwag, who also wants to improve his shooting form.


Skip is aiming to become more consistent, while improving his playmaking skills, both ball handling and passing, while No Ice wants to lead the team in assists, hopefully brining his shot attempts down, and shooting percentage up, focusing less on shooting from the outside, and finding a better option.


Moss, and Lockstock, are both aiming to grab more rebounds, and are already beginning to improve on this front, both hoping to engage more on offensive rebounds, and in turn, turning those into put back layups.


While Pigwan and Kamanchi are hoping to score inside more. Pigwan, who has just joined a gym, is a legitimate threat to dunk if he loses some beer weight, and could tear our division wide open with a little extra speed, and ball handling practice. Kamanchi, unlike Pigwan, is not tall, so dunking just isn’t an option, but has begun strengthening his layups, and finishing through contact.


Speaking from personal experience, playing one on one against Kamanchi, he is becoming more and more difficult to stop when he starts attacking the rim, and is become adept and finishing through contact.


With all the boys having clear cut goals in mind, an assault on Winter 2021 is incoming, with grading games currently underway, you can come back next week for The Road Ahead.




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