The Ashes

In disaffected remembrance
Australian Test Cricket
which finally died in South Africa
on 24 March 2018

Killed by its own hand – a result of long-term calculated hubris

Unlamented by a large circle of sorrowing cricket fans who mourn what has been done to a wonderful game


N.B. – The body will be cremated and the Ashes taken to Australia to be interred alongside the empty jar which is labelled The Spirit of Cricket

About Peter Crossing

Peter Crossing fervently hopes that the the long tradition of oafish, boof-headed behaviour of Australia’s supposedly premier cricket team will soon become a thing of the past - but he is not holding his breath.


  1. I am shattered at todays event but sadly, not surprised. Only the women cricketers will get my attention until this generation have gone. RIP the men’s team spirit.

  2. Apart from the disgraceful act itself, which other countries have also engaged in, how on earth did they think they could possibly get away with it in light of all the cameras at the ground??? And to hang young Bancroft out to dry makes it doubly worse, Smith should go over this immediately ….

  3. Rabid Dog says

    OUCH!. Excellent words.

  4. Rick Kane says

    Noice PC. I would add, killed by stupidity.

    As Einstein is reportedly to have said, only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

    At least it was piss funny to watch.


  5. Michael Viljoen says

    Did the Spirit of cricket ever really revive after the 1981 ODI final against New Zealand,

    the day Trevor Chappell bowled underarm,

    and Greg Chappell wouldn’t walk after clearly being caught in the outfield?

    If there was a proper death and burial then, then maybe the Spirit had a chance to be reborn.

  6. Well played P Crossing.
    The contents of that jar seem to vary a bit depending on who’s holding it.
    Presently empty.

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