The Ashes………the tradition continues

In Affectionate Remembrance




ON 6th AUGUST, 2015,

Deeply lamented by a large circle of sorrowing

friends and acquaintances.

R. I. P.

N.B.—The body will be cremated and

the ashes taken to Manus Island.

Pallbearers: W Edwards, J Sutherland, D Argus, P Howard, N Srinivasan

Wake: Kentucky Fried Chicken and VB will be served

In lieu of flowers a small donation to the family can be made in used notes via Bet 365


  1. Too true PB. It never ceases to amaze me that players will take their $1m per annum ($2m in some cases) and then whine that things went badly because it was really hard. Well didums. For me the disappointing thing was our response to the batting collapse. Or, should I say, the lack of response. No fire, no chin music for the Poms, no positive body language. Nothing. A wet, warm lettuce. Heads down, poor old me. I was tired. The ball was moving. The pitch was difficult. Moronic.

    The language is all wrong. Fair dinkum, if they don’t come out tomorrow breathing fire then careers should end very abruptly. And could someone tell Rod Marsh to stop dying his hair and wearing wrap around shades that he’s obviously pulled out of his 1978 kit bag. He looks plain old creepy.

  2. Bob Speechley says

    Who needs a scalpel when you tote a scythe?
    Broadly Rooted!

  3. See no evil; hear no evil; speak no evil.See no evil; hear no evil; speak no evil.
    Does anyone else think Rod Marsh looks increasingly like Mick Malthouse? I was waiting to see Geoffrey Edelsten (or hopefully Gabi Grecko) over his left shoulder in the “coaches box” last night.

  4. Well may i ask again’ when did Extras last top score for Australia ?


  5. And I am wearing black today, PB.

  6. On a positive note SPD Smith had a strike rate of 200 in his innings. Great signs for the upcoming BBL season and the Pinkos/Greenies/Rednecks/Orangemen or whoever it is he plays for. Get your tickets now.

    EX Tras definitely has to move up the batting order from 12 though. He made as many runs as eight of the blokes above him COMBINED. What does he have to do? Wash Boof’s car or something?

    Cheers, Burkie

  7. that is gold Peter!

  8. Well Gents, i’m happy to update you on the performance of extras previously known as sundries. He has now top scored four times for Australia during his long, though maybe nit so illustrious, career. It has been a while between drinks though, with his previous top score being in the Windies in 1991 when he managed 53 out of a total of 248.

    He tends to be a portender of doom though as we’ve never won when he’s top scored. I don’t think that will change at Trent Bridge, though i h have been wrong before.


  9. David Zampatti says

    No kidding, Glen! Tell you what, find us a game where sundries top-scored (completed innings only – be fair) and the team won and I’ll give you, um, a small vase with some ash in it.

    Meanwhile, I’m tired of test cricket. I think I prefer the longer forms of the game these days.

  10. E.regnans says

    Great call PB.

    It’s funny, lying amid gifs and articles and photos today, I’m wondering how this could have happened.
    Are we at a critical point in the life of support crews?
    (In footy and cricket both) In which superannuated past players hang around infecting young eager minds with the poisons of the past?

    The English people in my life are bringing this experience to life.

    “What is this team and who do they represent”? has been asked before, hereabouts.
    It was asked in the strutting days of bullying arrogance.
    It was asked in the #homeworkgate days.
    It was asked after capitulation in UAE.
    No clearer on any answers.

    It remains a team that interests me, but that I can’t really support.

    Wonderful bowling and fielding.

  11. Luke Reynolds says

    Nice work Peter. The Clarke era is about to go into the furnace. We will rise again, hopefully in the Smith era.The Poms are nearly as bad out here as we are over there.

  12. Just asking, is there any chance at all that gambling is involved?

  13. matt watson says

    Such an appalling rout.
    Batting like a man putting a beer on the bar while shoving change into his pocket.
    I’ve been demoralised by cricket before, but that innings was as bad as I’ve seen for years.
    We’re lucky it wasn’t all over on day two.
    Oh, but we’re World Cup champions…
    And played like it.

  14. Well Michael Clarke has led by example. Him and Ryan Harris are no longer part of the future of Australian cricket, who will go next; Haddin, S Marsh, Watson? I’m not yet prepared to hold my breath.


  15. Keiran Croker says

    Surely that must see that S.Marsh is the same as North … All duck no dinner! Less than 20 or a hundred, nothing in between.
    Must go to the next generation, or at least pick someone who consistently makes runs like Klinger.

  16. Yes Kieran S Marsh can move on, but i doubt if M Klinger is the replacement. N Maddiosn, J Burns again, C Ferguson would all be in front of him, not to mention U Kawahja. It’s time for a whole new middle order.


  17. Mr Zampatti, i’m awaiting my vase (s), plural, because to my knowledge extras has top scored thrice in a winning side. The Kiwis are the first team to have managed this claim to fame. They beat the Brits in Wellington in 1978,. where extras top scored with 26 from 123, repeating the dose against the Windies in Dunedin two years later, extras being the top scorer with 19 of 114. Fast forward two decades to Kingston Jamaica, where the Brits managed a winning score of 339, with extras being the main contributor with 60.


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