The Ashes – First Test, Day 4 & 5: Cricketholic and too Early

When I was in Melbourne, we talked about cricket as my mate plays the sport and saw the grass work at the MCG for cricket.

Back to Kyoto that is really sad for me, my excitement of the cricket season made me demonstrating bowing and batting at the work kitchen when no one was there, at an arcade shopping mall and even on the pavement.

As the Day Four at the first Ashes Test was my day off, I went to Coolabah in Osaka to watch cricket. But the Australian pub only opened at 1 pm (2 pm at Gabba) so missed the much of the action.

Then the live streaming was not great. Andy told me how Steven Smith had been good at batting – 141 no. I was impressed with him gaining 141 runs without wicket.

England was batting and Australia was bowling. Starc bowled well and the bounce was unpredictable and made English batsmen scared. Andy was so impressed and excited – he hit the bar table like in the way he does when his favourite Kangaroo boys scored goals in footy.

The last two wickets were given to the visitor so quick. Starc would have worn the scary Bulldogs cricket polo, like Luke Beveridge wearing on game days at the coaches box?

Sadly the online live stream played up and we had to give up watching Aussies batting to chase 170 runs to claim the win. They watched American comedy on YouTube, but they were not my stuff. As I had been tired, I fell asleep, like when I watched cricket for the first time in January 2001 after the long flight to Brisbane.

The next day, I got to work early and had to wait outside someone unlocking the door – I have no key unfortunately. I had wifi connection and got on the cricket live streaming site for smartphone.

It didn’t take much long to get inside so I was not able to witness multiple runs. I like watching batting hard and ball bouncing or flying so far and getting multiple runs.

I was about to disconnect the live stream, but my colleague tuned in my least music of Japanese pops. I can’t stand that type of music so got back the online cricket.

Seeing four-run at the near end on the upstairs where no one was. I was impressed how Bancroft and Warner batted, but the game ended around 10:20am (Japan Time), only 20 minutes later my shift started. The ending was too early and my entertainment had gone so quick, like England’s last two wickets on Sunday.

I am addicted with cricket now and hated listening to crap Japanese pops after the wonderful sport ended…


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  1. Hi Yoshi, Cricket is ideal for radio. Try listening to the live stream. I listen from Canada. Many people get away with listening to it while at work. There (used to be) a phone number where you could get the cricket on your radio at work and you could pretend you work working while talking on the phone.

  2. Hi 6%,

    Thanks for your comment!

    Haha it’s interesting you were able to listen to the live cricket coverage over the phone, lol. I reckon sports are big part of the Australian culture. I sensed the sporting capital of the world while I was in Melbourne at the end of last month.

    And thanks for the tip on listening to cricket on the radio. I will try next time on

    What else sports do you watch in Canada?

    All the best


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