The Ashes 2019 – Second Test: The Lord’s blog

Ok Almanackers, Second Test of the Ashes 2019 Series is about to commence at Lord’s.


So it’s time to start thinking about the game, gather our  thoughts about possible scenarios, and  have your say on our blog.


After England slightly held sway for three days at Edgbaston, Australia stormed home over the last two days to claim a dominant victory.


Steve Smith wrote a notable chapter in his own personal history with dual centuries. It was a stunning return to Test cricket after his suspension. His batting broke England’s will on Day 4, and also appeared to completely confound Joe Root. England never recovered.


The task ahead of them now is to regroup at the home of cricket, where the past record favours the visitors. They must do so without Jimmy Anderson. Any residual World Cup euphoria must seem long gone now.


We invite match reports from those who will be doing the late shift. We also welcome your observations here. Edgbaston prompted many lively comments.


The Australians will smell blood. Can they capitalise?


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  1. Daryl Schramm says

    Happy to report a very enjoyable few days in London. The weather forecast for Wed is far from good. I expect frustration and anti-climax in equal measure I’m afraid. Hopefully the same 11 will play.

  2. G’day from Limerick.

    Watching the BBC news, all I can see is “Joffra, Joffra, Joffra”. Talk about holding the hopes of a nation (in your first ever Test).

  3. Looking forward to hearing more from you blokes Daryl and Smoke – if you have time to add a comment here and there to this blog.

    let us know who you bump into too – is P. Flynn about? K.Carroll is there somewhere. Others?

    Here’s the hour by hour forecast for Day 1. Note the probabilities for the first couple of hours.

  4. Colin Ritchie says

    Has it started yet?

  5. Daryl Schramm says

    Very fortunately got to Lords Thursday night for Middlesex v Surrey T20 so am ‘old hat’ now. Standing under the grandstand. Umbrellas very wet. I suggest you all have an early night.

  6. With the coin not even tossed on Day 1, I believe team composition can still be changed. Will J Archer still play for England? Would you alter the Australian XI knowing this is now a 4-day Test?

  7. Andrew Starkie says

    Sun forecast tonight. C’mon Aussie. Keep booing, Poms.

  8. Colin Ritchie says

    ER, I’d nearly consider dropping Siddle for a Mitch Marsh. Could be handy if quick runs required and should (hopefully should!) move the ball about. Or, Starc for Siddle and try and blast the Poms out.

  9. e.r.
    Joffra was presented with his England cap yesterday on the field of play.
    They really are pinning many of their hopes on him…

  10. Nice start. But that’s a dolly in the gully. May prove very costly.

  11. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Get a bag!!!

  12. Colin Ritchie says

    Hope Khawaja’s dropped catch doesn’t come back to bite us!

  13. bowled Josh

  14. Loving the commentary.
    Judicious silences.
    Benaud-esque understatement.

    murmurmurmurmurmur goes the crowd.

  15. Crowd sounds like foyer of the Merri Creek Primary School musical performance at Darebin Arts Centre.

    Or pre-match Percy Beames Bar.

  16. Daryl Schramm says

    The murmur in as been prevalent throughout apart from the first ball when silence prevaled. I can’t see my screen for the sun so have no idea how this is turning out. Brilliant day so far at 5/138. Cummins worked Burns over beautifully. Two dropped catches haven’t helped our cause. Just had a £12 G&T to settle the nerves.

  17. Daryl Schramm says

    That’s the second dumb review this innings by us. Wasted.

  18. Daryl Schramm says

    A very tense but enjoyable day. England made 58 too many. Game on. Archer was dangerous. Warner and Bancroft are ‘on wood’ in my view. Usman needs a good innings to redeem himself. Look forward to Friday.

  19. Andrew Starkie says

    Good day’s Test cricket, as they say. England scored more than they should have as Aust did first innings at Edgbaston. If weather keeps away, first session tonight is crucial. 1-100 we’re on top. Both these guys need runs. C’mon Aussie.

    They’re something about our bowling that worries me.

  20. DBalassone says

    Solid day for the Aussies, though batting last always worries me.

    Helluva catch by Bancroft. Watching Rory Burns bat is like watching Mr Bean bat. Painful.

  21. Burns – not exactly a fiery batsman (ho hum). Warner’s form (or lack of it) is a bit of a worry so far. As has been previously stated, the first session tonight will be crucial for both teams. More grit from Bancroft is required and i hope Smith , Head, Wade and co can deliver the goods – we’ll see..

  22. Nathan Lyon, with his 3 wickets last night, has now equaled the great D K Lillie’s record of 355 test wickets – a reallyfine achievement. However, I have long believed Lillie should be given credit for all the SUPER TEST WICKETS he took in WORLD SERIES CRICKET. In my opinion, when listing the great man’s records they should read 355 test wickets and x super test wickets. After all those extra wickets were against the best batsmen in the world at that time.Similarly, the Chappell brothers etc should be credited with Super Test runs scored in that period. WHAT DO THE ALMANACAS THINK?

  23. Andrew Starkie says

    Damo, criminals convicted of serious crimes should be forced to watch tape of Burns batting. Eyes prised open like in A Clockwork Orange.

    Fisho, I agree.

    We need two good partnerships.

  24. Daryl Schramm says

    Very tough going for our batting team
    Eng bowling very well. Windy and wet and very overcast. Can we get to 200?

  25. Daryl Schramm says

    That’s all or today I reckon. Tough going.

  26. Fisho i agree with inclusion of the WSC statistics. To go a step further the England V Rest of the World series matches in 1970, then the Australia v the Rest of the World series of 1971-72, those matches have first class but not test status. Would the ICC, or more correctly now the BCCI, grant these encounters test status?So many questions, so many reports.

    Watching day 2 was not pleasant; the First Test was a long time ago. I have no qualms about more rain, allowing us to survive.The form Warner showed in the World Cup is a memory. Bancroft ?

    Come on Aussies, Come on, come on !!!


  27. Glen, you and I are very agreeable on all of your above points. Last night’s session was most dreary. It would appear Paine made a monumental blunder putting the Poms in first – it all now depends on Smith (hopefully with help from Paine,especially), Wade and the bowlers. Oh, and the weather, of course.

    Come on Aussies, come on – Oy, Oy, Oy.

  28. After last night’s effort, the Poms are now, weather permitting, in a very real chance of pinching this test. Much fortitude is required by the Aussies, batsmen – they can’t keep relying on the bowlers.

    What a beauty is Steve Smith – virtually a 1 man team – batsman anyway..

  29. Just heard the news, Smith feeling dizzy today and not allowed to take any further part in the match. The Poms couldn’t bowl him out so they attempted to knock him out – it appears to have worked.According to Michael Holding, Smith is unlikely to be available for the 3rd test.

    Should that be the case, the Barmy Army will have to concentrate their booing on Warner and Bancroft (assuming he makes the team).

  30. Feeling crook in the guts about SPD Smith.
    I hope he’s alright.

  31. Keiran Croker says

    Laguchagne. Should he stay in in Smith is fit to play? If so who goes out?

  32. If a week is a long time in politics, what is it in cricket? Last week i noticed quite a few Almanackers reminiscing, drawing comparisons to 1989. I thought a bit of 1981. Oh well as we know, history repeats firstly as a tragedy, then a farce.

    Is Archer the most terrifying English bowler our batsmen have faced since Larwood? Tyson, Snow possibly.

    How do/what do we to rectify the top three? In six innings one half century;Khawaja. Both openers struggling, Warner becoming Broad’s bunny. Bancroft returned to the top of the order though his test record was nothing to write about prior to suspension.

    No Smith; no Australia? This is a scary reality. Labuchagane substituted superbly but when you lose the worlds best test batsmen, no one can replace him. An alraedyshaky batting line up losing the numero uno is a huge challenge.

    So many questions, so many reports. Anyhow we’re 1-0 up at this stage of the series. Let’s hope it becomes 2-0 in the next week.


  33. Perhaps there should be a re think about what happens when a batsman is hit by a bowled ball. Over in baseball, should a batter be struck by a pitched ball, he (or she) is awarded first base. Maybe then the batsmen could swap ends or some such thing – just a thought.

    That bloody Fisho, going senile in his old age. What do the Almanacas think?

  34. DBalassone says

    Makes you realise how brutal a game cricket is. What were they thinking sending Smith back out there? Imagine if Archer was bowling to him again?
    Just prior to Smith being struck I was wondering about the man’s mental state – all this fidgeting and the animated way he is leaving balls outside off stump has increased tenfold since before the suspension, and has almost become a sideshow. His powers of concentration whilst at the crease are simply extraordinary and I wonder what toll this is taking on his psychological state.

  35. All is not lost. Common sense has finally prevailed. Cricket has now taken something from baseball – namely a PINCH HITTER for Smith and what’s more, the new man actually did FRIGHTFULLY WELL

    As Young Mr Grace (from “Are You Being Served”) would have said, “You’ve all done very well”, as he waved his walking stick around. The Aussies escaped with a draw.

  36. This test has taken on a carnival atmosphere. It would now appear to be a game of “Knock ’em down” – 6 shots an over – every player wins a prize, a nice big egg..

  37. The place needs a roof. Who would pay top quid to watch the weather radar? If it’s good enough for the Tigers and the Eagles what’s the matter with cricketers?

  38. Colin Ritchie says

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