The Art of Swing


Paul McGrath’s art uses recycled cricket, timber and leather materials – cricket balls, scoresheets, timber veneer and off-the-street leather couches.  The exhibition is a short distance from the SCG until January 12th at the Black Penny Bar (handy) at 648 Bourke Street in Surrey Hills.  Paul’s work can also be found at

Do yourself a favour.


Swing3 Variety

Swing4 Mystery Spinner

Swing2 Wrong ‘Un

Swing1 The Artist



  1. matt watson says

    At the weekend, I saw a picture of a glass marlin a mate of mine made. It isn’t a miniature. It’s a metre long. The glass cost him about 30 bucks, all bought from junk stores.
    The tools cost him about $1000, but he will have them for life.
    If he saw this exhibition, he’d just about start work right away.
    The point is simple: imagination. He saw something, he did something.
    That’s what great artists do.
    And I’ve seen too many paintings of beaches and flowers…

  2. Fardy McGannon says

    We saw this exhibition yesterday—loved the tiled works made from tiny cuts of used cricket balls. I hear the artist goes out to clubs in Sydney asking for old balls. Great concept. Well executed. A great reminder to do what you love, and love what you do.

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