The 49th Parallel Cup

Here’s Troy Thompson’s preview at World Footy News:




  1. Thanks for posting the link John. The match (and curtain raisers) will be streamed live on the Edmonton Australian Rules Football Clubs Youtube channel –

    How often do you get to watch an International Aussie rules match? All the players are truly nationals of the US and Canada (no expats) and have spent many years learning our great game. They have a fierce rivalry stretching back to 1999. So if you get time on the weekend tune it and see how they go about it in North America.

    The Euro Cup is also being played in Dublin this weekend. Competing are Ireland, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Croatia and Sweden and will also have live streaming at

  2. Ireland vs Sweden on now at

    Earlier Great Britain 7.1 defeated Denmark 4.9
    Goals : Denmark : Mau Rose 2, Starbaek Nielsen 2.
    GB : James 2, Kilheeney, Saunders, Ireland, Willatt, Booth.
    Best : Denmark : C Campion, Mau Rose
    GB : Walton

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