The 2020 Sir Stirling Moss Cup – Round 5

Greetings Tipsters


Between 1948 and 1962 Stirling Moss won 212 of the 529 races he entered. He retired early after a near-fatal accident robbed him of the fine edge of his car control. His sister Pat was an internationally successful show-jumper, rally driver and navigator.


Stirling raced in an incredibly dangerous era, when speeds were high, tyres skinny, suspension primitive and brakes of little effect. In 1957 he won the Grand Prix at Pescara, the last to be held on public roads, narrow and crumbling, climbing into the hills above the Adriatic. Jack Brabham hated road racing; Stirling loved it, winning the Nurburgring 1000km three times and the 1955 Millie Miglia, after which he immediately drove to Cologne. He said that “all I had to do was show up, drive the car, and then I could go out and chase girls.”


In 1958 he successfully protested a suspension given to Mike Hawthorn. This act of sportsmanship cost him the Formula One World Championship, Mike winning by one point although he won only one race that year to Stirling’s four. Stirling later said that at least he was remembered for that, and that the respect of other drivers was what counted most.


It’s probably the same for footballers – for all sportsmen, and for those involved in the arts and science as well. When you’re among the very best, you operate at a level far beyond that of ordinary mortals and only a jury of your peers is properly qualified to judge your performance.


Vale Sir Stirling. We shall not see your like pass this way again.


The Crows finally got one on the board, beating the Bombers at home in a match that rarely rose to any great heights. Adelaide 11.14.80, Essendon 9.10.64.


Cracker of a match in Perth on Frinite, the Eagles jumped out of the box early, then the Tigers hit back and looked to be building a match winning lead before the long break halted their momentum. The second half lacked the breakneck pace and high scores (nineteen goals all up) of the first and the home team hauled in, then overtook the visitors who rallied too late. West Coast 15.16.106, Richmond 14.11.95.


The Magpies, building on their form of last week, accounted for the Teals reasonably easily at the MCG. That night I dreamed of a football match at that hallowed ground being played in driving rain. The pitch was knee deep in water, large waves swept across it and huge chunks of ice were piled against the fence beneath the Southern Stand. Collingwood 14.14.98, Port Adelaide 10.12.72.


The Schoolies hosted the Demons and, displaying the pluck and flair of the last few weeks, finally took the points. The Demons played their best match so far and seemed a little nonplussed to be outdone. Gold Coast 13.10.88, Melbourne 11.14.80.


“Marvellous, marvellous, marvellous!” Every time I see, hear or read of that stadium I am reminded of this line of dialogue from a book but have no idea of the title or author. Anyway, Lions fans would have been thinking of it. Brisbane 14.14.98, Footscray 9.12.66.


The Monaros have been coasting downhill for most of this season so far and were all but brought to a shocking halt on Satnite. Swans did that thing they do, grinding away with no little fanaticism. For three and a half terms it almost looked like working, except that they were unable to get a decent break on the scoreboard. Some Toby Greene heroics in the last fifteen minutes got his team over the line. GWS 12.12.84, Sydney 12.10.82.


There were a few purple long sleeves to be seen in Tasmania. Perhaps if they ran around a bit more they’d warm up. North Melbourne 12.9.81, Fremantle 7.10.52


The Mayblooms would have been feeling reasonably confident, even after being two players down at halftime. The Blue Shoots were not to be denied, however, they just kept on bobbing up at the right time. The last term was pure joie de vivre. Carlton 14.18.102, Hawthorn 10.10.70.


Was that the start of a resurgent season for the Saints? The end of an era for the Cats? Remarkably, the third week in a row the Saints have kicked 13 goals, though with a more satisfactory result. St Kilda 13.13.91, Geelong 10.14.74


Cheers Tipsters


P&C, A Stop Privatisation Of Football Production, a division of Trans-Dementia Inc.
Brought to you with the assistance of Jimi Hendrix Experience’ ‘Jimi Plays Monterey’


Team            For     Against    %           PP
GWS             497        313     158.79      20
West Coast  501        362     138.40     20
Richmond   482        397      121.41      16
Sydney         416         359     115.88      16
Nth Melb     390        332      117.47      16
Coll’wood     470        390     120.51      12
Brisbane       415        395      105.06    12
Hawthorn    422        412      102.43     12
Port Adel     418         383     109.41      8
Carlton        414         482       93.67      8
St Kilda        371         398      93.22      8
Geelong       414         449      92.20      8
Fremantle   314         356       88.20     8
Gold Coast  345         426      80.99     4
Essendon    309        408      75.74      4
Footscray    318         431       73.78      4
Adelaide      320        451       70.95      4
Melbourne  307         439      69.93     0


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  1. Colin Ritchie says

    Have a sneaky suspicion the Bombers were runners-up a few times during that period.

  2. Great to see my Eagles still undefeated. Can’t wait until we take on the Monaros. Speaking of cars – that Stirling Moss went alright didn’t he. Even dropped into Tonsley Park to help out the South Adelaide Panthers lads on the production line. Remember when there were car production plants everywhere? Swisch’s Central Districts Bulldogs mates all ended up on the GM line at Elizabeth. Was Fishermans Bend GMH plant Footscray VFL territory or Port Melbourne Boroughs VFA? Did Sydney have a car plant? Geelong had the Ford factory. “Garden of the Frenzied Cortinas”. Must get the Incredible Murtceps to sponsor a round soon.
    Stirling Moss did go downhill at the end. Had problems with hemi heads. I’ve found the ointment helps.

  3. Earl O'Neill says

    Peter, there were two automotive plants in Sydney, a GH-H plant in Pagewood, now a vast shopping mall, and a Leyland plant in Waterloo, now a neighbourhood of high rise flats.

  4. Earl O'Neill says

    Sir Stirling Moss gives you a driving lesson:

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