The 2020 Red Wine Cup – Round 9

Greetings Tipsters


Nine rounds in, and just when you thought we might be able to make some sense of things, it goes topsy turvy.


Starting at the MCG on Friday evening when the Cats decided to start playing good football and the Tigers were left a bit shellshocked by the experience. Geelong 15.12.102, Richmond 11.14.80.


It was a routine day for Shaw’s Shinboners and their unattractive but undeniably effective style of football. We’ve yet to see them against any team above them on the ladder. The Bombers were more competitive than of late. North 11.10.76, Essendon 9.9.63.


Schoolies have a great looking stadium, hosted Eagles. They showed a bit of dash and dare at home but late term fadeouts in first and second cost ‘em dearly. The visitors have been getting away with a fair bit the last few weeks. West Coast 13.15.96, Gold Coast 10.12.72.


Boilover at the Showground, Monaros seemed to expect to just show up and collect the points. Saints got stuck into em, hard and fast and good kicking, five goals to McMartin. The last term made it seem closer than it was, the result was rarely in doubt. St Kilda 14.9.93, GWS 11.15.81.


Twas a dour match, enlivened by a few old stagers. Was Hawks waiting for Swans to kickstart their season again? Hawthorn 12.14.86, Sydney 11.11.77.


Port still aren’t very good, even at home. Lions picked up a joyous win after a dry run. Brisbane 16.10.106, Port Adelaide 8.12.60.


The old enemies met again at the place of pace for another instalment of the 1970 Cup. It was close and tough, never more than two kicks in it, 30 seconds left, a contest in the centre that might have gone either way until Pendlebury came out of the pack, ball in hand, moving in slow motion, kicked straight and true from 55. Cripps back in six. Collingwood 11.15.81, Carlton 10.10.70.


Central Australia was conducive to the Dees new-found poise and purpose. Melbourne 14.14.98, Adeliade 10.15.75.


Wharfies hosted Dogs who were just that bit sharper. Credible performance from the home team but still no chocolates. Footscray 13.12.90, Fremantle 11.13.79.


WC 871 660 131.97 36
GW 874 629 138.95 30
Ri 846 757 111.76 26
Co 819 690 118.70 24
NM 698 647 107.88 24
Sy 762 707 107.78 20
Ge 802 745 107.65 20
Br 784 735 106.67 20
SK 742 735 100.95 20
Fo 672 701 95.86 20
Ha 692 755 91.66 16
PA 724 739 97.97 12
Me 687 719 95.55 12
Ca 726 791 91.78 12
Fr 619 681 90.90 12
Ad 630 811 77.68 8
GC 615 802 76.68 8
Es 531 810 65.56 4


Points of interest in the ladder, first that a ladder of the last four weeks would look very different. North have the second-best defence so far this season, no surprise there, but the eleventh attack, and most of that is thanks to Brown’s career-best season. Freo have the fourth-best defence, that Ross Lyon mindset must be hard to eradicate. Port and Melbourne have the potential to ‘shape the eight’, as we used to say back in the days of ‘raking left foot kick.’


The five-win teams are an intriguing lot. Took a while for Cats to absorb new players and for Lions not having Hodge to tell them what to do, but these two have the best chance of making the top four, one making the most of a last chance, the other naive and enthusiastic. Great to see Buddy playing but Swans seemed a more balanced team without him – tho he did kick five on Saturday. Saints and Dogs are a bit behind those teams, tho Saints have more potential, have beaten two teams higher on the ladder, look like they’re having fun with the new coach and his ideas. Could it be time that Luke loads up the panel van with surfboards and drives off into the sunset?


The top four are much as we would have expected. The Westerners both had easy draws early and made the most of it – check the percentage – but have sagged in the last two or three matches. Monaros at Wiggles next week, folks.


The neighbours from Melbourne may have had tougher draws so far. Weird that Hawks beat Magpies Round Three, a fantastic match, otherwise the 4&20s have been pretty consistent tho they did lose to Tigers in Round Two, who have rarely found fluency in their game. That all-costs scrambling style has deluded them this year. Which ain’t bad when you’re third of eighteen.


Cheers, Tipsters


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  1. John Butler says

    Just so we’re clear. If Crippa comes to any actual harm when we finally get rolling, I’m holding you personally responsible.

  2. I’m enjoying this season. In my private universe. Lets call the season now with my Eagles 6 points clear.

  3. Earl O'Neill says

    John, it’s a wrench, not a tear, six weeks at the most.
    Peter, the Trans Dementia Inc credit card has secured a luxobox for Sunday eve. I’ll send a limo.

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