The 2020 Oscar Compson Cup – Round 6

Greetings Tipsters


Could there be any news more astounding than the video that Oscar Compson, twice All-Australian fullback, renowned tough nut, feared by forwards across the land, posted on Thursday evening? The video wherein he sat arm in arm with his pentathlete boyfriend and said “I’m gay.”


“I’ve seen how lesbian footballers can kiss their girlfriends and no-one seems to care much. Well, I reckon that it’s time a gay footballer can do the same” and he hugged and kissed Mike Daniels. “Yeah, we’re gay. All my teammates have known for years and they aren’t bothered.”


A few minutes later wingman Jason Reilly tweeted “Me too.” Social media went nuts, as you’d expect. Lots of ‘good onya’ and a fair few ‘thank you for your example/you’ve made my life a bit easier’ and a couple of the ‘gonna burn my membership card’ types.


Down here at the Stop Privatisation Of Football offices, we reckon that anything that goes on between consenting adults is their business, homo or hetero, vanilla or chocolate. We’re in the ‘good onya Oscar’ camp, glad to see your honesty and we admire your confidence.


Oscar was reported on the weekend, the seventh report of his career, for an overly enthusiastic hip and shoulder on a centre half-forward. Post-match, he denied any chance of homophobic remarks, saying “We played together in under fifteens, ol’ Chancy’s known about me since then. It’s just football.”


Frinite, Dees played another very good match. Problem being, they were playing Tigers, whose very good is better than Dees. Richmond 12.16.88, Melbourne 11.12.78.


Satarvo, Eagles coped with the Tasmanian weather far better than their crosstown rivals, long sleeves were absent. Hawks too slow to react, despite breaking even in the clinches, were easily caught in space. West Coast 14.12.96, Hawthorn 9.8.62.


This columnist doesn’t have a problem with the Bummers and the 4&20s playing the Anzac Day match. They came up with the idea, worked on it, good luck to ‘em. I remember watching the ’95 classic with a few mates and some very tasty homebrew. Sav Rocca was a great kick and an underrated player, given 257 games and 748 goals. He then punted for seven NFL seasons. He was a better and fairer player than his little brother. Collingwood 14.9.93, Essendon 10.12.72


The Lions kids were quicker and more focussed than the Swans kids at the Gabba. Word is that Lance will finally be back on the park next week. How that pans out is yet to be seen, Swans have had a nice balance about them so far. Lions a bit ahead in the rebuilding. Brisbane 12.12.84, Sydney 10.9.69.


From tropical Brisbane to dry Adelaide, when Ken sank his face into his hands after the Dogs’ winning goal with 16 seconds left on the clock, one had to wonder if he was thinking of job opportunities. It was a tremendous match, tight, hard and never more than two kicks in it. Footscray 11.14.80, Port 10.16.76.


Come Sunday, any given Sunday – if you haven’t seen that movie, I recommend it, a great football movie – the Monaros hosted the Schoolies in Canberra and, having been scared by Swans last week, put the foot on the throttle, put the foot on the neck and got Stewy Dew to wondering how he’ll get the kids up next week. GWS 18.17.125, Gold Coast 8.8.56.


The Blue kids kept on going from last week and the stolid defensiveness of the Roos was bamboozled. Carlton 13.8.86, North Melbourne 10.11.71.


Twas a marvellous afternoon for the Saints with eight goalkickers, tho the Crows really had a dip. We gotta start to think about the Ratty Saints being a smokey for the finals. St Kilda 15.13.103, Adelaide 12.10.82.


Purps hosted Pussys. Despite the lack of wins, the Purps haven’t conceded too many goals and so it was, before an adoring, and quite possibly desperate, crowd of 48,000, they kicked their highest score of the season and kept the Cats to their lowest. Fremantle 12.14.86, Geelong 9.8.62.


Well, there ya go, folks. Some great close matches, some one-sided matches. The nature of the current teev-oriented draw means that a few teams have had too many easy contests so far and a few teams otherwise. Back when every team would play every other in fifteen rounds, then repeat the first seven – remember that? – you could get a good handle on how the season might work out by Round Seven. Not so now, when two teams might play each other in Round Seventeen and Round Twenty One, f’rinstance.


Form won’t really start to shake itself out properly until after Round Ten or Eleven.


Cheers Tipsters


A Stop Privatisation Of Football Production, a division of Trans-Dementia Inc
Brought to you with the assistance of Radio Birdman’s ‘Radios Appear’, the black one.




Team For Against Percentage PP

GWS 622 369 168.56 24
WC 597 424 140.80 24
Rich 570 475 120.00 20
C’wd 563 462 121.86 16
Nth 461 418 110.29 16
Syd 485 443 109.48 16
Bris 499 464 107.54 16
StK 474 480 98.75 12
Carl 500 513 97.47 12
Freo 400 418 95.69 12
Haw 484 508 95.28 12
Port 494 463 106.70 8
Geel 476 535 88.97 8
Foot 398 507 78.50 8
Ess 381 501 76.05 8
GC 401 551 72.78 4
Ad 402 554 72.43 4
Melb 385 527 73.06 0





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  1. The one I watched, Earl, had the Swans kids overwhelming the Lions kids by 50 points! And, without Lance!

    Enjoy the dreaming.

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