The 2020 Dave Flanagan Cup – Round 11

Greetings Tipsters


We all died a little bit when we heard the news about Larrikin Dave Flanagan’s fatal hang-glider crash Wednesday. Player, coach, commentator. Writer, adventurer, raconteur. Deadset character.


Tall, rangy left footer, born in Fremantle, Anzac Day ’53, Dave grew up in his parents’ pub and attended several schools. He was an excellent sportsman, an erratic student, a disciplinary nightmare, handsome and charming. Played his senior debut with East Fremantle Round One ’69, came third in the ’72 Sandover count, his hippie surfer look and brilliant play on the left wing and forward flank got him in the papers and on the telly.


Dave signed with North Melbourne for ’73. He clashed with Barassi but respected him. Early ’75, Ron said “Great, now I’ve got two bloody Crosswells.” Dave played in the ’75 and ’77 flag teams. Living in Melbourne, his tan faded, his hair darkened, he still surfed and he still got on telly. A photo in The Age of Dave wearing a Sex Pistols T-shirt at training sparked a torrent of angry letters to the editor.


After two average years, he went to South Melbourne for ’80, like most players, he favoured the move to Sydney. He’d discovered hang-gliding there on a holiday in January ’78 and there were a lot of good surfing beaches. There were no telly slots for an Aussie Rules player in Sydney so he started writing ‘neath a nom de plume.


Retiring from Swans after the ’84 season, he captain/coached in the Sydney Football League for two years, played centre half-forward and kicked 297 goals then returned to East Fremantle to coach the reserves team. He got himself some work commentating on Eagles matches and it took off.


Dave moved back to Melbourne early ’90, worked community radio and local papers and comedy clubs, three years later had three writing gigs, two radio and one television. Being a Fremantle kid who played in Sydney, he brought a broad view to the heart of Melbourne, oft unpopular, his “Hey kids, Wilson Pickett is taking us through the match this arvo” enthusiasm and sharp observations won an enormous audience.


“David Flanagan was essential in winning the national audience” – Dennis Cometti. Dave retired from telly and radio after the ‘05 season. He’d been married thrice and had nine children from four mothers, wanted to be more of a father. He also expanded his motorsport experience, racing a motocross bike in desert rallys. ’08, he establlshed ‘Sound And Fury’ educational foundation for weird kids.


Flying off a rural Victorian bluff for the first time, a sudden gust slammed him into the cliffside while filming a new advertisment for his Vietnamese rice vodka. Julie, Dave’s wife since ’97, said “Dave would have been the first to say ‘He was fit, had a full head of hair and checked out doing what he loved. What a way to go.’ We shall miss him terribly but his spirit will live in our hearts.”


Vale, Dave.


It’s taken the Fuschias a while to get into gear but they’re looking the goods now and easily took care of the Mayblooms. Melbourne 13.11.89, Hawthorn 7.10.52


Cats didn’t have it as easily as many predicted. An upset loomed until they started playing North at their own game. Under the circumstances, a surprisingly high-scoring match. Geelong 11.16.82, North 10.12.72


Swans took it right up to the Tigers, leading for much of the first three terms but couldn’t stick with them all the way. Richmond 13.10.88, Sydney 11.11.77


Mostly a regulation win for the Monaros at home tho Crows showed a bit more grunt and dash then we’re accustomed to seeing. Cameron kicked five. GWS 15.12.102, Adelaide 10.14.74


The Blues have dropped off the pace since Cripps’ injury, the Dogs swarmed all over them with ten goalkickers. Footscray 12.12.84, Carlton 10.13.73


The Wharfies had a dip, again, and made the most of their opportunities. The Lions had a lot more opportunities. Brisbane 14.13.97, Fremantle 11.7.73


A memorable Schoolies trip, winning in Melbourne. Rumour has it that Woosha is waiting until the bye before announcing his retirement and setting up a pharmacy near Cottlesloe Beach. Gold Coast 12.10.82, Essendon 10.12.72


Another match of the round for the Eagles, another loss. The Magpies are raising their pulverising style to a level of art especially suitable for a wet afternoon in Melbourne. This was their best win of the season. Collingwood 11.13.79, West Coast 9.12.66.


At least there were few fans on hand to watch this abysmal Port display. Saints, tho, were quick and are playing an attractive style of football. St Kilda 14.8.92, Port Adelaide 8.13.61.


Cheers Tipsters

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2020 Ladder Round Eleven
GW 1074 785 136.82 38
WC 1019 837 121.74 36
Ri 1026 910 112.75 34
Co 996 820 121.46 32
Br 991 888 111.60 28
Ge 971 889 109.22 28
SK 934 864 108.10 28
NM 843 827 100.85 24
Fo 833 863 96.52 24
Sy 911 882 103.29 20
Me 865 848 102.00 20
Ha 824 919 89.66 20
PA 860 911 94.40 12
Ca 860 965 89.12 12
Fr 760 878 86.56 12
Ad 795 874 81.62 12
GC 777 894 78.96 12
Es 679 984 69.00 4




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  1. Great obit, Earl

    Still not feeling any sort of excitement about footy starting!

  2. Waddya mean “about footy starting” Jan?
    Nip down the lane behind the video store – third door on the left – ask for Earl and slip the bloke on the door a fifty – you’ll be experiencing the same great footy season as Earl and I and the rest of the Comancheros.

  3. I’ll take your advice, Peter!

  4. Earl- can’t wait for the Dave Flanagan biopic. Coincidentally there was a noted local Adelaide comedian of the same name. Not sure if he was much of a footballer though.

  5. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    One of “comedian” Dave Flanagan’s characters was a goal umpire who I think put on a bit of a turn at a late 70s Magarey count.

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