The 2016 ‘Brought to you by’ Cup

Greetings Tipsters


I was gonna write about the trades but the hell with that.  Relive winter in the best possible way.  Spend summer downloading from Soulseek.


MOJO ‘Pretty Vacant’ comp of 70s rock and roll.


The Searchers




Bottle Rocket ‘Awake Until Dawn’


Sonic Youth ‘Dirty’


Great ol’ R&B, especially Tarheel Slim


Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks ‘Orange Crate Art’


1950s urban blues


Insects, aeroplanes and tinnitus


Tad ‘Salt Lick’ and Duke Ellington’s ‘30s sides


‘Essential Stevie Wonder’, Motown


Wind and rain


The Beatles ‘Beatles For Sale’


Hawkwind ‘Space Ritual’


‘Morpheus 2’, a random collection of noisy rocking pop songs


Lipstick Killers’ ‘Mezmeriser’


Tonight’s Top Ten Albums:






Elvis Presley


High Time


Kill City


Pet Sounds






Soap Opera


Who’s Next


Dolly Parton ‘Super Hits’


Afghan Whigs ‘1965’


The Thrills ‘So Much For The City’


Every blissful soul and R&B and blues song I’ve ever loved


Reverend Horton Heat ‘Smoke ‘em if You Got ‘em’


‘You Don’t Own Me’ Lesley Gore compilation


Johnny Marr and the Healers


Burning Heads double album ‘Choose Your Trip’


Noisy rock and roll bands in inner-city pubs


“Not the same old blues crap II” feat RL Burnside, Junior Kimbrough and more


“I Saw His Eyes”, a song I wrote on Saturday after hearing that Dave, a mate who drives trains and celebrated Cronulla’s win, copped a leaper a few days later.


Enjoy the sun, Tipsters.


P&C, a Stop Privatisation Of Footy Production, a division of Trans-Dementia Inc.

Brought to you with the assistance of all of the above, and then some.


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Freelance gardener, I've thousands of books, thousands of records, one fast motorcycle and one gorgeous smart funny sexy woman. Life's pretty darn neat.


  1. I’ll be sure to investigate some of your suggestions Earl.

    As I’ve alluded to previously ‘So Much For The City’ by The Thrills is the ultimate summer beer garden album for me. It’s sun-drenched and the perfect soundtrack for a pint.

    Down here we look forward to summer as spring has had the bye!

  2. John Butler says

    Up here on the Ballarat Plateau we’ve had enough of the wind and rain.

    As always Earl, ample food for thought (and treats for the ears).

    Enjoy the summer.

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