The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Twenty One

Greetings Tipstsers

Predictions, projections and prognostications have been propelled into a pointless pile of piffle. Where once we wallowed in a world of near certainty, now we walk warily in a universe wherein anything might happen. For, dear reader, it now does appear that any of the Top Seven could beat any other of the Top Seven on their day.

Who is responsible for this state of affairs? The Scott twins, mostly. They bewitched and bamboozled us for months until the time was right, then their teams started playing good football. I mean, look at the ladder! Thirteen wins apiece and just half a percentage point between them. Still, they might have continued to slip by unnoticed had not CH7 run the theme music to ‘Deadwood’ beneath an interview with Scott The Chris on Frinight.

That’s really rubbing it in. God only knows what else the responsible parties may have been alluding to, running music that evokes greed, corruption and mendacity. Zeus has already jumped on this, those parties have been set adrift on Port Phillip Bay in a nine-foot tinny with a broken whisky bottle and a copy of the January 1976 edition of ‘Playboy’.


The Party Boys were never really in it Frieve, but mostly kept at it, apart from Kosi who wandered around like he expected to wake up and find it was all a horrible dream. At the other end, young Hawkins really was living the dream, kicking six for the Pivotonians who all larked about like they were just having fun. Satarvo and the 4&20s started the game like they had a statement to make; “We’re contenders and you’re not!”

Fifteen minutes later, having kicked four goals they considered the statement made and collectively took a breather. The Shinboners were up by the end of the first and the 4&20s kicked four goals for the rest of the match.

The Shinboners are looking like a really good football team these days. Their skills are sharp, they’re fast and have a nice balance across the ground. They’ll only be better next year.

How about those Mosquitoes, eh? Still waiting for the jetpacks to arrive, and playing like it. The ol’ Ratter may yet have a job next year – well, he’s not THAT bad, there but for a bit of luck and Waite’s hammy or quad or whatever it is this week – go the finals for them. But the Royals do love a good coach sacking, especially when there are no witches around to dunk.

And how about those Gorillas! No, really. They let the Murder kick six goals to zip in the first then reeled ‘em in to win by ten points. That’s good football, after quarter time at least, especially when it’s thirteenth vs second. Doubtless, this will be cause for another round of invective being directed against the Murder on account of their soft draw. True, it is soft, but they can only play the teams they’re drawn to play, it aint their fault if they get to play the Fuschias and the Schoolies while the Sparkies, the Mayblooms and the Wiggles all have to play Serious Contenders for the next two weeks.

Cheers Tipsters

P&C, A Stop Privatisation of Footy Production, a division of Trans-Dementia Inc
Brought to you with the assistance of Sharon Tandy’s ‘You’ve Gotta Believe It – 1965-1969’

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  1. And they both coach teams that have Blue & White as their colours Earl. One has Navy Blue Hoops on a White Field, the other Royal Blue Stripes on a White Field. It’s as hard to tell the players apart on a wet day as it is the coaches’, eh?

    And I just hope those jetpacks don’t turn up before Friday.

  2. Earl O'Neill says

    Cam Mooney has premiership medals from both clubs. My sources indicate that he helped broker the whole deal. He’s a canny one, that Moon. Possibly also a distant relative, my maternal gran was a Mooney.

    I wonder what his brother Jason is doing these days?

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