The Footy Almanac 2012 on sale here

Presenting the 2012 FootyAlmanac – the game by game account of the season written by fans, for fans, graced with a John Spooner cover portrait of Sydney’s Adam Goodes. The Footy Almanac can be purchased, ready for delivery next week, at our online store here.

You can re-live every moment: Carlton fans claiming the flag in Round 3, Richmond fans cancelling September holidays (and then re-booking them), the Dockers learning the Lyon way, the favoured Hawks with everything to lose, Giants fans finding their voice, the Crows and Eagles flying under the radar, the Cats expecting to flick a switch each week.

The Swans rising steadily and winning a superb Grand Final.

There was never a dull moment….and it’s here in these reports. Every club, every match, every highlight. This is footy.

The first edition of The Rugby League Almanac is out now too.


  1. Pamela Sherpa says

    Well done , cover looks good. Should sell well north of the Murray – and south , east and west of it too!

  2. What is the launch schedule? I want to get mine at the Sydney launch.

    Also – I make No Comment whatsoever about Adam Goodes’ Big Head.

  3. Geelong made the finals and couldn’t crack the cover? What do they have to do to get a fair go from your Almanac blokes!

  4. nathan jarvis says

    Haven’t you got the one with Chappy’s GF speccy?

    Is that written out of Almanac history?

  5. More news on launches later his week.

    2007 edition still available, unlike the space in our banner. The finest IT specialists are working on it.

  6. Jamie Simmons says

    Word on the street is that it reads much the same as Fifty Shades of Grey, only raunchier.

  7. Love the Spooner cover. Brilliant.

  8. “Fifty shades of grey.” Isn’t that what they call the Almanac Lunches?

  9. John Butler says

    PB, that’s a needlessly accurate observation.

    I’ll echo Gigs re cover. Love Spooner’s work.

  10. The cover is beautiful. Well done on that front

  11. Barkly St End says

    Just ordered the whole back catalogue.

  12. Barkly St End,
    You’ll enter the Almanac hall of fame with that sort of commitment.

  13. I hate the cover, I hate Goodes, I hate the Swans and I hate the world. Yep, still stewing and spewing. On a brighter note, the 2009 cover is the best of the lot!


  14. Can’t wait till round 1 Rick.

  15. I want a Collingwood cover :(
    Although the fact that Goodes supported Collingwood growing up makes up for it this time.

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