Junior Almanac – Thank You

Thank You.

This year as had plenty of ups and downs. Whether it was being gutted last Friday after our prelim loss, there were highs such as Fyfey winning the Brownlow on Monday night polling 31 votes including a record breaking 9 three vote games for best on ground. There were plenty of nerve racking moments on Monday night. But, it was all under control as our boy from Lake Grace held off Priddis to win by 2 votes. Nat played like a gun this year and I feel the Brownlow is the award he wanted the second most after a premiership medal.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t give fellow Christ Church Grammar boy Luke Mcpharlin the dream send off and maybe Pav who’s book recently came out (great book) but, we have a bright future and hopefully we can snag Cam Mcarthy and maybe a key defender. Here’s to a bright future for Freo.

I’d also like to thank everyone from the Footy Almanac. From John Harms to my mates Oscar Hammond and Angus Price and Dad who encouraged me to write for The Footy Almanac . Your support has been invaluable and I have loved writing about Freo and Grandad. I feel I appreciate footy more and this opportunity has been amazing. Everyone who has read, commented or recommend my articles, thank you so much.

Unfortunately, Dad, Grandad and I couldn’t have 2 pints and 2 cokes on our drive across the Nullabor and near the G but, this year has been fantastic.

Thank you to everyone involved in the Footy Almanac and I’m excited to write for a Dockers premiership next year.

Go Hawks!

About Josh Coales

15 year old student. Loves footy. Loves Freo. Loves Nat Fyfe.


  1. Peter Flynn says

    Well done Josh.

    You’ve got a beauty in Fyfe.

    Keep writing.

  2. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Keep them coming Josh, a better debut year that Adrian McAdam (look him up).

  3. David Zampatti says

    Any Freo kid that can grit his teeth and write “Go Hawks” has an understanding of the immutable laws of the universe far beyond his tender years.

    Perhaps “Go Hawks. Do your knee Mitchell.” might have been even more appropriate, but Josh ain’t that kind of kid. Yet.

  4. Well done Josh. Keep up the writing. There is always next year hey.

  5. Read all your article josh and all of them are great, look forward to more. Don’t reckon ms gives you enough credit. I’m gutted about WCE performance in the final, but we will be back next year!

  6. The Hot Coales Award is an institution Josh. We have loved having you. You are in the book! And I look forward to reading more next season.

  7. Good on you Josh. Keep it going in 2016. And encourage a few mates to join you. The Pav is going around again in 2016?

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