Testing cricket – just a thought

I recollect some years ago, a counsellor telling me in polite terms that I was a hopeless joke not to be taken seriously.  This was a bit confronting at the time, but he put it in fairly convincing terms.

His advice was simple but compelling.  “Stop telling me what you wanted to happen.  Start telling me what you did.”  Confronting yes.  But a very useful framework for considering much of life.

Julia and asylum seekers??  Hmm.  Tony and ethics in government??  Ah I see.  Americans and reducing gun crime??  Stop blubbering and do something.

Which brings me to those mendicants of modern sport, the Australian Cricket Board.  An entity that stands for everything and in the process stands for nothing.

“Test Cricket is the pinnacle of the game.  We must focus our attention on developing the next generation of Test Cricket and keeping the love of the game alive.   Shorter forms of the game have their place in bringing new generations into our sport, but they can never take the place of Test Cricket.”

Really?  Are you available for pre-selection in Eddie Obeid’s seat at the next NSW election?  Has Tony spoken to you about standing if Mal Brough has to stand down on the Sunshine Coast for being the only local slimier than Peter Slipper?

Here’s a real Test?  You know that curly haired slinger earning a packet gathering the crumbs from your table, slinging  them down side arm for the Melbourne Stars?  Well get Tony to send him back to Bellerive with the rest of his boat people.

Here’s a simple rule for the ACB if its genuine in honouring the primacy of Test Cricket.  You don’t get a spot in a Big Bash roster if your country is currently playing Test Cricket and you are not available.   Unless you have already played 10 years of first class cricket in your home country, and thereby paid your dues.

Big Bash and IPL can be your pension ticket.  But we aren’t here to build up your superannuation account to the detriment of the game we pretend to support.

No wonder the ACB don’t want Lasith Malingerer at Bellerive.  It would be a lose/lose for them.

Now show me again how much you really love me.


  1. I love you Pete. And I’m kicking and cussing along with you.

    PS Imagine if you could guarnetee boatloads of refugees like Malinga … I’ll bet that would change John Howards tune about who we’ll invite to come to our country

  2. Agree wholeheartedly Mr B. How we let the Saffas off the hook in Adelaide was a national disgrace, and now we’re making a meal of it down on Blundstone Oval. But I really rang to wish you and the Avenging Eagle the complements of the Season and that 2013 finds you both, and the Eddie Eagles over here again next September.

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