Tennis: Federer says it’s good to be back home

Tennis god Roger Federer has made it to the final of the tournament on his home turf in Basel, Switzerland. The world No. 1 (and my personal favourite) was bound to get this far on a home court advantage. With 15 Grand Slam titles and gold Olympic medal (2008), the brown windswept haired beauty has become a favourite with many fans from all over the globe.  Newly appointed as an ambassador for his favourite chocolate, Lindt, Federer leaves fans quoting;

“Switzerland just paired up the two best things in the world, Roger Federer and Lindt chocolate


“Roger Federer is an ambassador for Lindt chocolate? And I thought he couldn’t get any better!”



R32           Oliver Rochus         BEL              61         6-3, 6-4

R16           Andreas Seppi        ITA               51        6-3, 6-3

QF            Evgeny Koroley       RUS              58        6-3, 6-2

SF             Marco Chiudinelli    SUI               73        7-6(7), 6-3

The most action-packed match was the semi against old school buddy and fellow Swiss, Marco Chiudinelli.   The champion hung on through a competitive match in which both fellas gave their all. As usual Roger came back with a BANG at the most crucial time with a masterful backhand smash which fooled Chiudinelli, who read the shot incorrectly and approached the net.

The proud father of twin daughters is due to face another favourite Novak Djokovic for the final. As a Federer fan I must say that the experience gap between these two is just too obvious. Although Novak has shown signs that he had a bright future ahead, Federer has the upper hand as the numbers stand at 9-4 in their career series. In saying that, I predict the champ will send yet another opponent packing, this time with a ‘watch how the pros do it, son’ performance against Djokovic.

Roger has to be one of the most admired and skilled sportsmen of all time. Some of you would know my pure admiration for Roger in planning to name my first son Andre-Federer. (YES I’M SERIOUS)

When Roger was in Melbourne for the Aussie Open this year my uncle happened to be right there when he rode  off in a limousine.

This is how it went



MAN:  “Oh, that’s Roger Federer”


I still have not forgiven him for not chasing after that limo……


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  1. Peter Flynn says


    In 2007, I was lucky enough to see Roger Federer play Marat Safin on Wimbledon Centre Court (3rd round) after queueing for most of the night.
    It was one of the highlights of my sporting life.
    He is far quicker around the court than you think and his slice backhands drove Safin to distraction. Not that that takes much I suppose.

  2. Peter, thanks for the comment.
    :) i ENVY YOU SOO MUCH!!
    for 3 years now i have been DYING to see Roger play!
    im pretty much determined to go after next year (Year 12)
    Yes, Brilliant would be a perfect word to describe Roger even though he lost the home final! :(
    id like your opinion, how many years do you think Roger still has left in him?


  3. Steve Healy says

    Danni, I’m sure watching a tennis game won’t ruin your future.

  4. lol, Steve it might be a bit hard if i want to go on a Federer road trip!!
    ive always wanted to follow his matches from country to country.
    Next stop for The Federer Crew- FRANCE!!
    Mannn!! if i had finished school i could have watched him in Switzerland and then in France! :(
    According to Candy next years Aussie open tickets are probably sold out anyway. not sure if its true or if its just a blonde hypothesis! LOL

  5. Blonde hypothesis for sure. I have them all the time

  6. Steve Healy says

    hahahaha. Well going to Switzerland and France is certainly more expernsive than a jar of nutella.

  7. id give all the Nutella in the world to see Roger play!! :)

    my ideal match would be

  8. Sorry Dani but i actually think Djokovic can beat Federer

  9. Oh Damo, good news buddy. Your no longer the youngest kid on this website.

  10. UM..Josh Djokovic did beat Federer.
    its a fair comment, both have their strenghts and weaknesses.
    ive got the final taped, its jst finished a replay on Fox sports.
    obviously to have beaten Federer means that Djokovic is a great player but Fed’s had so much history on the court, and ive always been intrigued by his amazing skills that i cant find it in my heart to even consider the chance of him losing.

  11. Steve Healy says

    Yea Djokovic did beat federer 6-4,4-6, 6-3 or something like that.

    Who’s younger Josh?

  12. Zander

  13. ..thanks for the detailed reminder steve!
    Poor Roger! OH WELL!!
    He will kick butt in the French Tournament!! :)

    really theres someone younger??

  14. Steve Healy says

    Zander Adam, he was in the Almanac last year but he never goes on the site.

  15. oh, okay.

    Now that i think of it, i dont think i remember seeing Mirka watching on the sidelines or in the crowd.
    i know that Roger decided to continue playing so that his daughters could see thier Dad play, lol imagine twin baby girls watching a tennis match in their cute designer tennis outfits!! LOL

  16. Steve Healy says


  17. dont know who Mirka is?
    Mirka is Roger’s wife!!

  18. Michael Allan says

    Zander’s made another appearence in the book along with his Dad. They’re the only two ahead of me at in the bio’s.

    I like the Joker. I love it when he impersenates other players, he’s pretty funny.

    I saw him play an American in this year’s Aussie Open who gave him a run for his money but I can’t remember his name at the moment.

  19. Michael, you saw ROGER play????

  20. Michael Allan says

    lol no Danni. I saw Djockervich.

  21. Mirka? That’s a shortended way of saying the town i live near!

    Michael, what does the B in B.Kane stand for!!???

  22. Steve Healy says

    Danni, how do you know all these wives of players?

    Michael, me and Josh are wondering who this B.Kane you mention in your reports is, and why he is always refferred to as B.Kane and what his first name actually is?

  23. ohhh…meh! lol
    sorry i thought u mean Roger and i was like OMGGG I HATE U ALL!! lol
    im so jealous of Peter!!! :(

    Do you have any idea how confusing it is trying to understand Roger when he talks Swiss in interviews!! love the langauge and the accent but i dont understand one word of it!!

  24. what are you talking about steve?
    Mirka used to play tennis herself, i mean that how she met Roger!!
    Plus shes ALWAYS sitting in the crowd to cheer her husband when he plays.
    shes the only tennis wag i know of LOL.
    Although i know Roddick’s fiance is a model only cos i saw her on tv when he was playing Roger. she looks like BARBIE!!

  25. Michael Allan says


    B Kane is one of my Dad’s best mates because they went to school together.

    His name is Brendan.

    They all call eachother with their initall and surname. He always calls me M Allan.

  26. Michael Allan says

    B.Kane will be at the launch.

  27. Finally the mystery is solved! Steve thought his name would be Bernard. I always thought it was the Knacker with Kane as a surname but i realized his name is Rick Kane.

    On Saturday, im going to see Gary Lyon and hopefully he’s going to give/offer me something. Coz my sister works with his sister and brother in law so she can just tell them about what i do and they relay it to Gary. Excited!

  28. LOL cool.
    let me know when u meet Sam Lane or Ralphy.

  29. Michael Allan says

    I sat infront of Sam Lamne for the 06 Grand Final bcause we were infront of the press box. She was inb tears after the game.

    I also saw her on work exp but she didn’t talk to me. She wore a nose stud to work which I thoguht was unprofessional.

  30. Damian Watson says

    Yay! how bout that.

    I’m just writing a piece on the Draft.

    What is Gary Lyon doing in your area Josh? a book signing?

  31. Peter Flynn says


    I reckon Roger has another 2-3 years of potentially winning Grand Slams.
    Not necessarily ranked at No 1 but certainly in the top 5.
    He now has family life to consider.

    Last year I saw Nadal at Wimbledon on Court 1 (basically sitting on the net pole) and he was awesome. His left bicep is about 1.5 times the size of his right. The spin he gets on his forehand was unbelievable.

    I watched that 2008 Fed v Nad Wimbledon Final from a pub in West London. After the third set and during a rain break, I had to catch the Tube out to Heathrow to catch a plane to Melbourne.
    I watched the 5th set in this airport bar with about 100 other people who were all getting final calls to their respective flights. I’m sure a few missed their flights.
    I know I nearly did.
    Best tennis match I’ve ever seen. It finished at about 9.30pm London time.
    Borg v McEnroe in 1980 is at No 2.

  32. okay! now i dont know who to hate MORE lol
    Michael for being like right near Sam Lane NOT ONCE BUT TWICE!!!
    OR Peter for seeing Roger, his Biceps and his amazing forehand spins!!
    LOL I HATE YOU BOTH!!! (not in that way in a IM SO JEALOUS IM GOING TO CRY WAY!!)

    Peter, i hope you are right! im hoping he will go for another 4 years so i can see him a few times and cross that off my MUST DO list! :)
    any flight is worth missing when Fed is on the court!! :)

    Lol thats Cute, Sam is passionate about footy and theres nothing wrong with a nose-ring! individuality!!
    lol if i did work exp and she was there i would do what Jack Anthony did to Lance Franklin before jack made it big and go up to her and intro myself!! demand attention! LOL

  33. Peter Flynn says


    Great to hear you have such a list.

    That’s why I went to Wimbledon.

    The experience won’t disappoint.

  34. Steve Healy says

    Ah the full 5 is on.

    Thank you for solving the B.Kane mystery.

    Is your draft thing a precdiction Damo?

  35. Yeah its slowly growing.
    this is it so far
    not in any order despite the numbers.

    1. Travel America- LA, NYC, CL and go to one of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants
    2. Go to Jonas Brothers’ concert
    3. Travel to Switzerland
    4. Travel to Germany and see anything to do with Nazism
    5. Travel to London
    6. See Roger Federer play a few times before he retires

  36. Damian Watson says

    No it’s more of a nostalgia piece.

    I’ just listing some of the biggest bargains to come out of the draft and some players that were selected in the top 5 and failed to have a huge career.

  37. Steve Healy says

    I’ve got one option on my list.


  38. Michael Allan says

    That’s alot of travel Danni. Have you been overseas before?

    I’m looking forward to readuiing damos draft prediction if that’s whaty it is. I’m not sure if I want Richmond to get Martin or Butcher yet. I really hope Richmond get either Majak Dawes or Mitch Taylor with our later picks. I’d also like Vardy or Panos but I doubt they’ll slip to Richmond’s second round.

  39. Steve Healy says

    Majak Daw looks like an absolute superstar.

    He’s probly gonna go to North though.

    Richmond look set to get Martin.

  40. Yeah i know.
    nah i havent, well i have but it doesnt count cos i was only 1 year old!! lol
    went to lebanon for a few months, have been back since.
    LOL steve! come on there has to be something else u can think of steve.

  41. Michael Allan says

    Oh, well i’d like to read that too Damo. lol.

    I hope Tambling wasn’t in your list. He came good this year.

    The best bargains e4ver wopuld have to be Chris Grant and James Hird.

    Grant was about 113 and Hird was in the nineties.

  42. Michael Allan says

    Yeah I’ve heard we’re going to get Martin if Trengrove and Scully go to Melbourne like they will.

    I’m happy with that as long as we get a forward or ruckman with our second pick.

  43. Steve Healy says

    Answer to Danni’s question: No.

  44. Damian Watson says

    Yep I had them in the list, there are a couple of failures that were No.1 Draft picks for the Tigers mainly in the late 80’s early 90’s.

    Any chances for your friends in the draft Michael?

  45. what about LeCras Mikey?

  46. Steve Healy says

    My friend at school said that he was 100% sure that Tom Scully would be taken at pick no.2. I told him he was wrong and we have a $1 bet to see who’s right.

    Michael, did you take any pictures of the Almanac that you can send to us?

  47. Michael Allan says

    I wish they were my friends Damo.
    Both Andrew Moore and Jordan Gysberts have been said to b e going from late first round to second round just like Blease was. I think Moore will be going to Sydney with pick 14, all the mock drafts seem to have him going there and Gysberts is a bit of a mystery, hopefully the Tiges.

  48. steves list
    1. footy
    2. Jurrah
    3. Jurrah
    4. Jurrah
    5. Jurrah and footy


  49. Michael Allan says

    I didn’t go last year, Dad went and didn’t take photos. I was on camp. I was so angry when I saw my copy was signed by Matthew Richardson. I had pleaded not to go on camp and they made me go.

  50. This is my top 10 prediction:

    1, Jack Trengrove (Melbourne)
    2, Tom Scully (Melbourne)
    3, Dustin Martin (Richmond
    4, Anthony Morabito (Fremantle)
    5, Ben Cunnington (North)
    6, Gary Rohan (Sydney)
    7, John Butcher (West Coast)
    8, Lewis Jetta (Port Adelaide)
    9, don’t care
    10, don’t care

  51. ..DUSTIN MARTIN???


  52. A person who lived down our road was supposed to get drafted last year but didn’t. I wonder if he’ll be taken this year

  53. Steve Healy says

    I’d like Lewis Jetta to go to the Dees at pick 11

  54. Michael Allan says

    I know, how awesome is he Danni.

    Richmond fans will call him tin tin. Get it dusTIN marTIN.

    He left school in yr 9 to become a fitness trainer. He’s so tank.

  55. ..damnnn tank allright!!!



    okay, ill stop now… lol

  56. I dont think he left school coz of that, in the Herald Sun article on him it said he left school coz it wasn’t for him, so he moved to his Dads. But he regrets quitting so early. I tell ya who’s tank, Benny Cunnington

  57. I tell ya whats hawt, my new facebook profile picture..

  58. Michael Allan says

    lol get over him Josh.

    Well I read he’s got some fitness degree. Rohan will look good for the bloods.

  59. lmao!
    josh thanks for making me choke on my water!! LMAOO
    didnt see that comming

  60. Steve Healy says


    1. Why was your Dad at last year’s launch?

    2. I meant pics of this years book

  61. Steve Healy says

    hahaha there’s another Sam Reid in this years draft

  62. Damian Watson says

    Not a bad prediction Josh.

    By the way TIGER is in town!!!! I don’t know why I am excited but it’s good to see Federer’s sparring partner in world sport has landed in Melbourne.

  63. Michael Allan says


    1. He’s freinds with J Harmes and others

    2. Oh ok, I’ll send you an email with some but you might not get it till tomorrow.

  64. LMAOO and the Gillette ad!! dont forget that Damo! LOL
    Everytime i see that ad im like
    “AHH ROGER!!!”

  65. Steve Healy says

    1. Ok

    2. Why?

  66. Prince Harry is going to be in Melbourne on the 19th, which is when im going down there for the launch! Might bump into him

  67. Steve Healy says

    You wish Josh. I’d rather bump into Aaron Cornelius.

  68. Harry? REALLY!!
    OMG this is my chance to be a PRINCESS!!
    hehe!! :)
    like A REAL PRINCESS, id prefer Prince William though…

  69. Damian Watson says

    Do you think Prince Harry would be suited to the AFL? he seems like the rowdy type.

  70. nah the English are probs more into Soccer and Cricket.

  71. Actually im not sure it might be Prince Harry or Prince William but i saw it in the paper last week.

  72. omg.. i hope its William!!
    ohh you guys im gonna be a PRINCESS!!
    A real one!!
    ive always wanted to be one since i was like 5!!

  73. Damian Watson says

    If you ever do become one Danni, stay out of underground tunnels. We all know what happened to Princess Di.

  74. Yes, that was so sad.
    she was so pretty and she did so much charity work. :(

    i think im meant to be a Princess, i mean it cant be a normal thing for me to wear a silver and pink plastic tiara at home LOL

  75. Danni? Princess?

    hehehe, not likely! :)

    “Princess Danielle at the footy”


  76. Michael Allan says

    I’m not sure where the camera is but by tomorrow I’ll have found it cause Mum will help look for it.

    What do you want me to take piotures of exactly?

  77. Steve Healy says

    How did Princess Di?

    hahaha sorry bad taste

  78. Steve Healy says

    The cover, all of our reports in the book and all our profiles and send them to all of the fab 5- just an idea.

  79. Take pictures of my name in the book! And a picture of Damo’s profile!

  80. lmaoo NO JOSH you have it all wrong:

    This is how i act at the footy

    “Ohh jolly good show!! yes, do kick another goal, Jolly good Darran Jolly, Jolly GOOD”

    lmaooo ohh nah its more like

  81. How do you say zomg out loud?

  82. Steve Healy says

    You should’ve seen me in Melbourne V West Coast when I went to the footy with my friends. I went beserk.

    It was so wierd seeing the footage of Jolly training today- but I was actually expecting to see Danni leaning against the signage at Gosch’s paddock

  83. LMAOO you open you mouth and say
    lmaoo this always comes out when the umps are killing me or when Toovey fudges up.

    i love muzza lingo.
    does anyone know where i can buy a Federer cap without getting it online?

  84. Haha my goat fell in the pool today after he touched an electrical fence. Pissed myself laughin :)

  85. Steve Healy says

    At the op shop?

  86. lol naww steve!
    did u see that 2k it 2k? cant remember but they all looked mighty fine.
    first thing i thought was gee Tarkyn is still looking mighty fine!!

  87. OMG
    JOSH!! OMG

  88. op shop!!??
    STEVE..dont make me hurt u

  89. Steve Healy says

    It was a strange sight seeing Buckley there- nah I just saw it on the news

  90. Haha it was funny, he was out of it right away and running around back to his normal self

  91. josh that totally takes away the cuteness from you goat story which means Steves wallaby story now stands at NO.1

  92. Steve Healy says

    Steve Healy Says:
    November 9th, 2009 at 9:45 pm

  93. Steve Healy says

    Sorry about comment 92, I couldn’t help myself I’ve always wanted to do that

  94. ..yeah that was a tad weird.

    status- eating chocolate

  95. Michael Allan says

    I’ve got the camera and have started taking photos. I still wont be able to send them till tomoz cause this camera doesnt hav the chord to put pics on the comp so we’ve got to transfer it to the camera thats at mums work.

    Do you want the bios as well as your picture? I can fit in both but it’s hard to see the piciture and it’s hard to read.

  96. lol cant u wait a few days steve!
    making Mikey do all this work LOL

  97. Steve Healy says

    oh why not?

  98. Michael Allan says

    lol iot’s hard getttinbg the right brightness cause without the flash you cant see anything but with the flash makes it too bright.

    Being a photographer is hard work!

  99. lol that reminds me.. i havent even made my media exam notes yet and its on the day after the launch!

  100. the last sac we did was a horror!
    no one studied and my friend left out an essay for about 18 marks! i left about 12 marks out AND Atrtempted the essay. that stuff is going to be on the exam!
    our teacher was like
    “girls i jst graded ur last sac, wasnt very good, not impressed.”

    me: “OHH (BEEP)”

  101. Michael Allan says

    Ok I’ve got em of everyone now.

    Danni’s was hard because she’s on the right page where everybody else is on a left page.

    Josh and I are the only one’s on the same page.

  102. LOL cool, i am a righthander! :)

    status- eating pasta

  103. Michael Allan says

    Something new in the book that I forgot to tell you is that there’s a Haiku poem at the start of every round that comments on something that happened that round.

    Round 18’s was about my match so I was proud of myself lol.

  104. Would my profile be at the bottom of the page?

  105. Give an example would you M. Allen

  106. Steve Healy says

    I can’t wait to see your Melbourne V Richmond report Michael

  107. ohh josh!
    Ralphy has put up a piece on our fav website!

  108. Michael Allan says

    Yes it is Josh.

    Well Round 1 reads

    fingernail moon –
    new dawn snagged
    on a dodgey hammy

    Round 2’s is

    Golden Slipper Day –
    Goodes Breaks from pack
    and heads for home

    I’m not entirely suire how Haiku’s work. I know they’re Japanese and it has something to do with syllables per line.

  109. status- full, too much pasta, feel sick!!

  110. They must have something to do with Knacker Haiku Bob

  111. Michael Allan says

    lol don’t get excited Steve. I felt I wrote better ones on the web and you guys all had better ones.

    Mine is also fairly Richmond bias even though I did my best to steer clear from that lol.

  112. Michael Allan says

    I don’t think that’s quite a Haiku Danni!

    Yeah he writes them all Josh.

  113. lol my ‘love’ for fev is clear in my entry.

  114. Michael Allan says

    I’m off now bye.

  115. Yeah i hate the ones i had in the book. My favourite reports would be the Richmond v Essendon in Round 17 and the Grand Final

  116. do you recon if i ate some cake id get any worse?

  117. Steve Healy says

    Same. I hate the Melbourne V Adelaide one. My favourite reports of mine was North Melbourne V Melbourne in Round 19, for comedy reasons, and Melbourne V St.Kilda for emotional reasons.

  118. Maybe eat Granny Smith?

  119. nah not in the mood for apples!
    i could go for chocolate icecream.. :)

    OR i could go on a diet from 2mro to the launch so i look good in the dress!

  120. My sister is organizing my hair to be cut, coloured and styled from a really good hairdresser for the launch

  121. lol go joshyyyyyyy!!
    step back ladies! LMAOO
    i called my hairdresser twice today and yesterday NO ANSWER!!
    if she doesnt pick up 2mro ill have to find another place ASAP!
    ZOMMG josh we can get our hair and eyebrows done together! LOL

  122. Haha ahhh no thanks

  123. Im off, cya peeps

  124. You know what i hate? Overseas signings, Collingwood has signed US kid Seamus McNamara

  125. What why?
    im so happy!!
    lol i love Americans! and now this will cause more publicity for Collingwood over in the USA!!! ;)
    This will prob really annoy steve but ive got a copy of the Almanac early thanks to a teacher at my school and i have seen Damo! lol
    Josh as much as i love aviators we cant see you eyes in your photo! LOL
    steve looks so young in his photo!!

  126. Damian Watson says

    What is wrong with overseas signings Josh?

    We’ve seen some success from Ireland with Jimmy Stynes, Tadgh Kennelly etc. and Mike Pyke the Canadian, could be built into a reasonable player for Sydney.

    Yeah McNamara played professional basketball in the US and Germany, I wonder how long he will take to develop into a ruckman.

  127. Damian Watson says

    lol Danni,Federer lost the final to Djokovic, in three sets I think.

  128. ..yes Damo..i know.
    thanks for bringing it up AGAIN!! :(
    For Fed-fans hes put up a small thankyou post to his fans on his website.
    hes so humble!

  129. Sorry Danni, want me to email you a pic of me where you can clearly see my eyes? LOL it was the one i said was hawt haha. Wanna take some pics of the Almanac and send to me? Mum and Dad are dying to see it and finally they can shut up if i show them some pics of it lol.

    I dont like it because recruiters are going overseas for the next big thing yet they could be coming up to Waaia or other areas looking for good players. Why look overseas for players when we have a massive country with plenty of country footy players?

  130. lol i would but i dont have a camera!
    i always borrow my uncle’s cos its really good and i always blow my money on heels and clothes everytime i TRY to save up for one!

  131. Grrrrr lol where’s Michael? He said he’d be sending pics today..

  132. if damo grew his hair a bit more and spiked it up, hed pull off as a MUZZA!! :)

    LOL all my friends who saw the pic of Steve were like
    “AWWW hes so cute and little!!”

  133. I couldnt find a good pic of me lol so i went with my best one. Since then tho i’ve taken heaps better ones lol

  134. well one of the girls did say you looked cute..until i told her you were a tad younger LOL

  135. nawww haha what’s does age matter??

    Hey how did your teacher get the book?

  136. umm yes!
    age matters..A LOT!

    oh hes an Almanacker.
    he got me into it in the first place.

  137. Really? What’s his name??

  138. lol dont worry theres plenty of 13-14 year old girls around! LMAO!

    well, he teaches at my school but he doesnt teach me, make sense?
    hes good friends with Daff and Harmsy.
    Mr. Starkie

  139. Oh ok lol, and i dont think i’d be aiming for 13-14 y.o girls lol

  140. OH REALLY! lol
    then what age are you aiming for???

  141. Michael Allan says

    Ok I’m here, Danno whats your email? I don’t know yours or Damo’s to send it to.

  142. lol its okay mikey, ive got a hard copy!
    btw you dont look that much like Ron.

  143. Michael Allan says

    Rofl, I just read the convo and I was like well don’t I look silly now.

    lol ok I’m sending the pics to your hotmail now Josh.

  144. Steve Healy says

    Oh so no one actually said I was good looking they just said I looked young!

  145. Michael Allan says

    Yeah that’s cause I cut my hair, it used to be a lot longer like Ling’s and Ron’s. lol

  146. Steve Healy says

    What about my email Michael?

  147. Michael Allan says

    Yeah, I’m sending it to you too. I’m uploading them now.

  148. Lol Danni i’d be aiming for 15-16 y.o girls, maybe i could make an exception for 14.

  149. lol yeah sorry steve.
    it was mostly
    “NAWW!! hes so cutee and LITTLE!!”
    lol maybe you should have put a pic where u look older. my friends recon i look about 20 in mine.

  150. Steve Healy says

    why does age matter Danni?,there’s nothing wrong with dating a guy/girl 2 years younger

  151. 16? wow thats brave there!!

  152. Michael Allan says

    Danni thought I read in one of your articles that your bf turned 20. Aren’t you a little young for a boy that age?

  153. he doesnt think so.
    plus girls are more mature than guys and i like em older.

  154. Michael Allan says

    that’s sexist and not true. I don’t see why you can dip outside your age bracket and Joshua can’t.

    As the oldest male I think I get a say in this.

    Josh, you can date anyone you like, regardless of age.

  155. Haha i just showed Mum those pics and she almost cried lol. Thanks Mike Who Sucks, what’s up with that?

    I wouldnt date any of the girls from my school, ever

  156. Steve Healy says

    Thanks for the pics Michael. Damo looks a lot different than I expected.

  157. dude! i didnt say he COULDNT! i was jst
    saying that MOST girls like older bfs!

  158. Michael Allan says

    lol, that’s cause my sister made me the email when i was like 10 and that was her attempted humour that I am yet to change.

    I didn’t expect Damo to look like that either.

  159. Thanks Michael, the oldest i would possibly go out with is 17 years though, older than that and i back away.

  160. Steve Healy says

    What about the teacher at your school Josh?


  161. Damo looks tall and sorta old, complete opposite to what he is lol. And nah can’t see any acne.

  162. I think i could make an exception for that lol now lets shut up about that..

  163. Michael Allan says

    Yeah I guess there’s some merit in that Danno.

    Some of the guys have dated girls in the lower year levels.

    Not me though, I’d prefer a girl my own age.

  164. Dad said he liked the fact that i was above another North supporter in the bio pages.

    Nice picture of Damo’s name in the book too Michael, you got a very good angle on it lol

  165. Michael truned out to be an improvement to what i thought hes look like, cos you can get those like FULLY RANGAS!!
    but hes quite cute.

  166. I love the hairstyle Michael, very retro looking

  167. Steve Healy says

    Yeah nice hairstyle Michael.

    Haha Josh its funny that you used that facebook pic

  168. Michael Allan says

    Haha why thank you Josh. I thought so too, it reminded me of the opening to Star Wars. lol

    Haha, did you think I was going to be ugly Danni?

    What do you mean by “full on” ranga.

  169. Michael Allan says

    Haha thanks. I prefer it to the mop.

  170. no not ugly, but not as cute. LOL
    you know..FULL ON RANGA!
    like a ranga thats not pretty, too hard on the eyes, like Lingy.

  171. i still havent organsied my ride to the launch!
    i think im going to rock up with my uncle (not the one that likes footy)in his LEXUS!
    you know go with a Collingwood theme, blk n white dress, dropped off in a Lexus!

  172. Michael Allan says

    haha, well then yes if I looked at my picture expecting Cameron Ling I too would be pleasently surprised. lol.

  173. Oh my family booked a hotel in Carlton this afternoon to stay in Thursday night. I think it was called Vibe Hotel, it bloody better be 5 star lol.

    Lol im actually disappointed with my picture in the book, i should have submitted a better one

  174. lmao!
    nawwwww i cant get over how young steve looks!! NAWWW STEVE!!! ;)

  175. Michael Allan says

    I’m a bit dissapointed with mine too. I was hoping you would be able to see my Richmond jumper but as far as you can tell in the picture I’m naked lol.

  176. Steve Healy says

    Well I’m disappointed with mine as well I guess- but it’s the not the first time a girl has said I look young in photo.

    I’m disappointed with my report more than my picture.

  177. I would have preferred the picture i have of me and my Dad at this years ANZAC service. Oh speaking of, i get a half day off tomorrow coz i was picked to represent the school at Remebrence Day tomorrow. You all better be bloody silent at 11. People talking during a minute silence is something i hate the most

  178. WELL that makes 3 of us unhappy with photo choice! my friends all said i looked great, balhh blahh!! but now thats i look at it i could have taken a better one.

  179. lol oh well steve at least u look cute, even if its little kid cute! :)

    yeah me and my bestfreind (deputy college captain) went around selling poppies.

  180. rofl JOSH U LOOK LIKE COREY Worthington!!

  181. Oh im angry at our school captain, he broke up a fight today! :(

  182. Ohh great, i look like a total wanker then!

  183. Michael Allan says

    lol Danni I’m not saying this about your freinds or your photo but I hate it when girls are on facebook or myspace and they say how pretty their freinds look even if they’re not.

    To me it just takes meaning away from the compliments.

    Similar to the way Legend gets thrown around alot. If you say it about everyone the status loses meaning.

    Maybe I just have too much time on my hands to be thinking about these things. lol

  184. Michael you legend! Great argument you got there, its legendary

  185. lol yeah thats true but id like to trust my friend’s judgement. my bestfriends are really honest like they tell me if i should do something to my outfit, and im being serious!
    we depend on eachotehr heaps.

    dont worry josh its not that bad. your hairs better than Corey’s. and my pic is bodgey too! LOL

  186. Lol you look all scrunched up in your pic, i dont know another word to explain it.

  187. Michael Allan says

    See, Josh gets it. He’s only using those words when they’re truly deserved.

  188. Haha good call (Y)

  189. Steve Healy says

    I think Danni’s pic is fine.

    Yeah I know what you mean Michael, but sometimes the opposite happens when the chick says that they’re ugly when they aren’t.

  190. Ohh dont get me started!
    i cant even say that im chubby without people coming over to kill me for even saying it!

  191. app Tim Lane could be at our launch.
    Sams been invited but i dont think shed come.

    i know this cos i emailed Paul.

  192. Steve Healy says

    hahahaha maybe you’re not as chubby as you think then?

    Sounds like there are quite a few famous people invited/coming

  193. lol you can be the judge of my chubbyness steve!
    hmmm maybe i should have picked a more slimming dress, too late its already at the dry-cleaners!

    yup, cant wait!!
    its a shame though cos Tim Lane will be like 5 meters away and ill jst be standing there silent on the outside and on the inside- “ZOMMMGGG!! THATS THE FATHER OF MY IDOL!! ZZOOMMGGG!! THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!”

  194. Steve Healy says

    lol do you really have to say ZOMG??

  195. Lol of course there will be famous people, after all im coming!

  196. Why? wats wrong with saying ZOMG???

    STATUS- oh crap jst remebered i have to finish a lit SAC 2mro!!LOL

  197. Steve Healy says

    Yeah everyone there will be famous, we’re all the Almanac cult.

  198. HEY do u guy remember that media sac i told u about, u know the one were i had no idea what i was doing and left out like 12 marks or something?

    well we got them back
    and im the owner of a




  199. Steve Healy says

    Oh well.

    That was probably my average in year 7 and 8 french

  200. LOL yeahh thats baddddddddd!!
    then i got back soem LEGAL Sac.

    i warn you its not good

    9 and 1/2 out of 52

    25 and 1/2 out of 45

  201. Michael Allan says

    For the French exam last year I got 27%

  202. Steve Healy says

    I once got 5% on a french test.

    All my exams earlier in the year were in the 70’s, my best was photography where I got 88 or something

  203. lol seriously you should have wrote crossant all over it and gotten an A

  204. Steve Healy says

    yea you’re probly right Danni.

    I’ve only ever gotten 100 once.

  205. status- watching Lornezo on utube! i mean its kinda revision for the sac right!??

  206. Steve Healy says

    no. Watch my horror movie instead!

  207. just watched scene where she drops her tissue….

    SCENE- LORENZO pick up tissue says line romatically

    “NAWWW!!!!!!! EPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  208. LOL nawwwwwwww!!! at the cute muffin in ur horror film!

  209. Michael Allan says

    no, watch our sparkler bomb instead!

    Steve that’s a fair effort.

  210. ohh lol at the guy with the voice on Mikey’s lol

  211. No watch my dad’s beer shed video

  212. Steve Healy says

    I can’t believe Michael Newton and John Meesen got delisted!

    Well Newton fair enough but Meesen is a real shock

  213. mehh steve who cares u HAVE WATTS!! :)



  215. ..


    hes not that great..

  216. Michael Allan says

    ya go Tin Tin. He’s so awesome. I hope he gets given number 7.

    Unlike Watts, Martin will actually do something in his first season.

  217. dude!! im gonna watch every Richmond game if hes playing!!

  218. Steve Healy says

    hahaha shut up Michael.

    Trengrove and Scully will do more than Martin next year.


  220. Michael Allan says

    Danni when ever we have an argument we’ll now always have something to bring us back on the same page.

    Dustin Martin.


  221. LMAOO!! omg thats true!!
    i knew he wasnt so goodlooking for nothing!
    the footy gods sent him to stop us from arguing!! LMAOO

  222. Michael Allan says

    I’m off now and probs wont be back.

    Good night Fabulous Five.

  223. yerp same here!
    gotta study a bit b4 bed!

    night all.

  224. Steve Healy says

    Have you seen Jackson Trengrove and Tom Scully, Danni?

  225. OH! I read in the Herald Sun that the Roos are after Liam Jurrah’s cousin! FORGOT HIS NAME!!

  226. Night Michael and Danni, thanks for the pics again Mikey

  227. Steve Healy says

    Sorry it’s actually Jack Trengrove not Jackson, I always get him mixed up with his Port Adelaide brother

  228. No relation Steve, they aren’t brothers

  229. Steve Healy says

    Really? I always thought they were brothers or at least cousins.

    Night guys

  230. Yeah same but i read in an article that there was no relation at all

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