Team-mates who are the best of enemies

Andrew McLeod and Tyson Edwards are team-mates who have managed to play in the same side despite a public fall-out many years ago.

The Guradian’s Lex Sim recalls some infamous soccer “friendships” in his article below.

Have a read and then return here to regale us with tales of your favourite sporting “enemy” team-mates.


  1. Are we any closer to finding out the truth about the Bradman / O’Reilly / Fingleton rumours? Sectarian animosity, teetotaling v. boozing and other traditional rivalries.

  2. pauldaffey says

    Good question, Tony.

    I was fascinated a few years ago to read Simon Kuper’s profile of Guus Hiddink in The Monthly. Guus apparently believed in stoking rivalries and animosities, especially among strikers, because in his experience it fuelled them to try to outdo each other. I’d never heard of a coach or manager encouraging rivalry within a team.

  3. Jason Akermanis and Michael Voss, Justin Leppitsch, Mal Michael, Leigh Matthews … just about anyone he’s ever played with if rumours are to believed.

  4. What actually happened between Tyson Edwards and Andrew McLeod? I thought it was just their wives who had a fallout.

  5. Josh,
    Didn’t it all have something to do with Little Lleyton Hewitt?

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