Tasmanian launch – 2011 Footy Almanac


Local legend Max Brown chats with John Harms at the Wynyard footy club rooms.


Dips and Pamela Sherpa selling truck loads of books to the Wynyard crowd.


The Alamanac touring party at the local footy oval.



Wynyard gets up – and didn’t they need the win.


  1. pamela sherpa says

    Selling books is such serious business !

  2. Can someone settle an argument that started on that day? Which Marx brother do I most resemble – Chico or Harpo?

  3. Gigs – Skid

  4. Andrew Fithall says

    Gigs – you most resemble Chico. Not enough (curly) hair for Harpo.

    Thanks for the photos Yvette.

  5. All team photos need a player list for posterity. The lucky Melbourne Almanackers get to meet each other and can put a face to a name – but us ‘out of towners’ need help.
    My guesses are:
    Centre: HarmsJT (coach); SherpaP; O’DonnelD (the jumper and diminutiveness were a ‘tell’); ?; WrobyY; FlynnPJ (inimitable – Shandy sends Chappy his regards).
    Front – ?? (mascot)
    Rear – ??? (could that be Phantom lurking – no known current photo of the jungle warrior exists. I have a photo of someone claiming to be the Phantom in a Scotch College guernsey – I think its his son personally).

  6. DBalassone says

    Surely the guy in the middle with blue duffle coat is John Lithgow?

  7. Danielle says

    Group photo is cute! :)

  8. Gigs,

    for a while there I thought ‘Chopper Reid’ had snuck into the photo.

  9. Hop on an empty beer barrel at Esperence if you want to get to the next one PB.

    Just kick a little with your left leg when you get to Kangaroo Island to deviate south east and I will get George to pick you up when he is next surfing at Marawah.

    Don’t miss Tassy. It’s a fair old push over to Terra Del Fuego. You could catch a chill.

  10. My first honeymoon was in Tassie, Phantom. Returning would be tempting the fates.
    On the other hand the Avenging Eagle and I are booking Melbourne for GF week. We figure that fares and hotels will only get dearer, with the likelihood of one or two interstate teams playing. If the Eagles make it, well and good. If not its the Almanac lunch and a few days at Yarra Valley and Mornington hostellries. Any chance of the Phantom and Diana Lane appearing? We could bring Shandy the labrador over to meet Wolf.
    If you can’t get there we’ll head down to Portsea to wave to you. I understand you can see your bonfire at Rocky Cape from the Heads.

  11. 1) Why would a West Coast supporter want to be in Melbourne for grand final week PB?

    2) The Phantom’s dog is called ‘Devil’.

    3) As you now know the routine for Knacker visits to Tasmania (as described by several good itinerant knackers) I am sure you would be licking your lips at the thought.

  12. Are you the real Phantom. The real Phantom doesn’t have a dog. He has a Wolf called Devil. Old jungle saying “beware of Phantoms bearing dogs.”

  13. No woofs in the tropics PB. Cold Climes Canines is dem woofs.

    (The last time this Phantom had a dog was in a Hong Kong streetside eatery.)

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