Almanac Soccer: The A-League and the place of meaning in sport

In the lead up to Friday’s Roy Hay lunch, we reprise John Harms’s piece which was first published last October:

The A-League clubs generate heartfelt support from loyal supporters. But, given the growth agenda of Australian soccer, will the broader community find the A-League meaningful enough to get involved? John Harms considers the state of play.

Almanac Soccer – 10 Interesting Facts About The 2016/17 EPL Season So Far

If you are interested in soccer you might want to give “U.K Football” a try as the matches are played at a much faster pace, in stadiums with world-class stars says John Hawthorne.

From The Guardian: When Harry Redknapp played the West Ham fan

Further to Greg Baum’s article in The Age yesterday, this is the story he mentioned from The Guardian. It really is a classic.

EPL: Hammers hammmered by rampaging Swansea

  Swansea 3-0 West Ham   What an amazing start to the season for Swansea. Eight goals in their first two games after managing just 44 last season. West Ham was humiliated in their second outing back in the big time. Early on it was the Hammers making all the running as Swansea continually turned [Read more]