Podcast: Margaret Edson on teaching

Tony Wilson was good enough to share with us the latest Speakola podcast episode featuring a very special speech that will resonate with many involved in teaching; we share it with you now.

Juniors Almanacking – Memories of 10-year-olds. Brilliant.

It’s book week. This is David Wilson’s story of volunteering to take a couple of sessions at his children’s school on “the writing of a memory.” A rare privilege.

Brutal Blues merely playing catch-up: Pedagogy of the oppressed

E.regnans responds to The Elbow’s piece, with the help of Brazilian educator Paolo Freire. B Bolton is merely doing what any enlightened teacher or parent of young ones would be doing in his place.

The faith of Barry Gill, my Grade 5 teacher

Lucia Nardo recalls an inspirational teacher, who happened to be a premiership footballer.

The Martian

Dips has been reading. And thinking. And teaching. When our moment comes, how will any of us perform under pressure? Can we prepare for it? Can we teach for it? [All the best, Kate – Ed]

AFL Round 6 – Collingwood v St.Kilda: Expectation is a funny thing

St.Kilda made the Grand Final in 1997 when they were 1-4 after five rounds. Unfortunately, a lot has changed in 16 years, writes Kelsey Smith.