Almanac Life: A postcard to Life

E. regnans has written this postcard to Life. It’s a patchwork of moments and more moments, thoughts and feelings and observations and descriptions. It rolls and drifts all the way to a reassuring conclusion.

White men, AFLW and survival of those best able to adapt

E. regnans plots a course through various timely issues, with some thoughts on gender, power, footy and other matters. [Much to consider here – JTH]

2019 AFL Grand Final – Sal’s Preview: Can Jack Bring Down The Giants?

Sal’s got the field covered: a Grand Final preview, questions for the other 16 clubs to contemplate in the off-season, and a few tips for this weekend’s races. Plenty to digest here.

Almanac Music: A Swiftian Rumination

Brian the Ruminator goes Swiftian – Jonathan and Tay Tay – to make a gentle and considered point about musical appreciation.

2017 thoughts: Beating on against the current

After a year like this what can we control? Dave Wilson sees much in his year in review and Christmas song countdown on #gravyday

Fitzroy, Old Melburnians, Collingwood, Richmond: bandaids don’t fix bulletholes

E.regnans beautifully summarises and celebrates Old Fitzroy, new Fitzroy, old Melbourne and old money, alongside the new AFL match-day experience. Also: includes Taylor Swift reference and video (ping: The People’s Elbow)

What Did We Learn from the Latest Triple J Hottest 100?

The reaction to this year’s Hottest 100 has been quite surprising. Should the J’s have allowed TayTay voters to get involved?

SPD Smith: shake it off

E.regnans spots similarities between the bearing of SPD Smith and that of Taylor Swift.