Retirement for the Weekend Warrior

Vaughan Menlove shares the difficult decision facing the competitive athlete about when to quit. The heart and mind are willing but the body chooses to differ.

Leigh Harding Tribute

As a North Melbourne supporter, I’m disgusted at the weight of publicity regarding Max Rooke’s retirement. No disrespect to Rooke intended, but on the same day, another player called it a day. And nothing has been made of it. Nothing at all. Once again, the journalists and news reporters around Australia think that reporting on [Read more]

Crio’s Question: Rating Retiring Players

As a lucky 22 reach their sporting summit, for many more Saturday will symbolize the end of their final season. How will their dream be remembered? Big names will get a lap of honor or a tag at the recently instituted “Madden Medal”. Some will be delisted having never really “got there”. Others are harder [Read more]

Missing Magpies- Rusling & O’Bree

It’s never a good idea while you are studying to go onto the sports section of the Herald Sun website. You might come across something that will make you emotional and effect your concentration. I have to admit, I do this often but today I was hit with something that reduced me to tears. It [Read more]

CRIO’s Q…whose time is up?

“Footy is a business”  we are regularly reminded, but people are at its core. And their futures – hopes and dreams – are being decided right now, despite this season being months from its completion. Many of us have squirmed through the classic  video “The Year of the Dogs” and will recall Libba’s name placed [Read more]