Crio’s Question: Rating Retiring Players

As a lucky 22 reach their sporting summit, for many more Saturday will symbolize the end of their final season. How will their dream be remembered? Big names will get a lap of honor or a tag at the recently instituted “Madden Medal”. Some will be delisted having never really “got there”. Others are harder to judge. Is Junior McDonald unfortunate to be removed just as the Demons look set for success, or should he be grateful that, because they were strugglers, he was able to forge a long and personally decorated career?

Before we hang a Normie on a star, let’s rate those who have taken their final bow.


  1. Richard Jones says

    DASHER Milburn: solid, occasionally aggressive but very useful HBF.

    Got 2 premiership medals to show for his career with the Cats.

    Loved the fact he slogged Sos Silvagni at Princes Park one day. Beautiful really, Whenever you see a looming BlueBagger, why wouldn’t you suggest: “Dasher, give ‘im one !!”
    Even buried deep inside the Pie faithful at the city end goals (just behind the feral Cheer Squad) last Friday night couldn’t resist exhorting Dasher to dish out one last one before slipping into the distance.

  2. Very useful is slightly under stated Richard.

    He was also Geelong’s most reliable shot for goal. I can’t remember seeing him miss.

    He didn’t get heaps but would pop up every now and again when they really needed one.

    Will be missed.

  3. Eagleton managed to forge an incredibly long career despite seemingly always being “on the brink”. That left foot, though, was indisputable brilliant.

  4. I reckon Milburn was a ripping foot soldier.

  5. Peter F,

    did you note Dasher’s protracted stay in the middle after last year’s gf. The way he looked around the ground. Moving and awesome.

    Did he have children with him?

  6. Paul Hasleby aka Hase aka Chops. Much loved Freo clubman blessed with some of the quickest hands in the AFL. Played 207 outstanding games for Fremantle FC and bled purple for the club. 30 possessions in his debut game at Kardinya Park Rd 1, 2000 and AFL Rising Star winner that year. Four Glendinning medals for best on ground in the local derby. Overcame a knee recon to make some great contributions late in his career, particularly in our stellar 2010 season. Best mates with Matthew Pavlich so partly responsible for keeping him at Fremantle. Went out in style and put the club first as he always has. A genuine character and very funny fella. Will be missed terribly by the Freo faithful. Heave ho Haze.

  7. Very true Smithy. Always too slow, he managed to forge an outstanding career getting to stoppages at the longest ground in footy. A real footballer.

  8. #3. You’re right, Crio. I think a new section could be created in the AFL Footy Guide just for the Bald Eagle: MGPBAPOTF (Most Games Played By A Player On The Fringe).

    Eagleton’s highs were certainly high. (Seven goals in a losing side against Geelong at Docklands springs to mind.) But I’ve always felt that he was suspect in the important games. (Again against Geelong, in the 2008 Prelim, and in the Round 20 game this year, before we got blown away).

    But a guy who plays 277 games has obviously done a lot of things right. He overcame the adversity of his heart problem (when still with Port) and being close to getting the chop about five years ago.

    And it’s always nice to see blokes younger than you are who have less hair.

  9. Still on the Dogs, if I was Rodney Eade, I’d bite the bullet and tell Big Will that he’s been a good servant but his time has come. He has never done enough good things consistently. And when weighed up against his “clangers” and the marks not taken that should have been, he comes out on the wrong side of the ledger.

    Lovely, smart bloke and apparently very easy on the eye. But he has not given the Dogs enough on the field.

    Injuries notwithstanding, Roughie Jnr is ready to take his spot permanently (with maybe Ayce Cordy in the mix).

  10. I don’t think Rocket will have any problems with that call, but he just needs to know that there is cover.Wilbur is popular amongst the playing group but they will see that he has been given a fair go.

  11. Corey Jones had a fantastic end to his chequered, mostly unremarkable, career.
    A stirring North win preceded the beautifully managed departures of he and Demon’s Junior from the MCG, and now he has a VFL flag with the Roosters to celebrate. Good stuff.

  12. Sean Rusling.. :( poor guy it just wasnt meant to be! :'(

  13. Sydney Malakellis says

    Swap Minson for Mark Blake. Each club swaps their scapegoats!

    What about Aker retiring? Sad that it’s almost forgotten what an absolute superstar he was in Brisbane. Without him Brisbane would not have won three in a row. And those goals against Geelong at Kardinia- pure genius.

  14. Sydney Malakellis says

    Sorry, it was at the Gabba.


  15. It seems not as much happens at Kardinia as people think. Paul Hasleby’s brilliant debut was at Subiaco Oval (against the Cats).

  16. It was very sad to see James Mcdonald go especially under the circumstances of being asked to leave when being in his best form for quite a while. He has been a proud servant for the Dees and he holds the record for most games played by a player who was originally rookie listed

  17. Every one used to, and probably will from now on, have a brilliant debut against the Cats Les. We would play them into form.

    We started many a remarkable career.

  18. Can we trade bloody big but bloody hopeless TomaHawk Hawkins.
    Please, please: someone take him off our hands.

    He is absolutely hopeless. But keep Big Trent West please.
    Blakey can get a trade anytime soon, too.

  19. Crio & Gigs
    i always temper Eagos games by noting that all his games under TWallace were on the bench. Prolonged his durability no end.

    Sad to see Graham Polak throw the boots away at Tigerland. I still think if Jordo McMahon had’ve been driving the tram he would have been fine.

  20. W@hat about the James McDonald status…should he be grateful to have played so many games and been a club leader – courtesy of a poor and young list – or bitter that his time did not coincide with “the window”?
    Same scenario must have applied to so many others also.

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