Almanac Cricket: A Feast of Cricket in India

Cricket, India and artist John Campbell make for a compelling palette to draw in the sports-lover, the eye and the taste buds. It’s all here in one enchanting story.

Almanac Cricket: Vaseline and cricket

Smith, Warner and Bancroft broke a nation’s heart when they broke the spirit of the game. Why cheat?  Why destroy everything Test cricket stands for?  Why destroy a nation’s psyche?  Why try to ruin Test cricket? Ironmike tries to understand why.

Adelaide Test, Australia v India – Day Three : “The Lions of India and the Lyon of Australia.”

Day three at the Adelaide Oval, and the cricket gods reward Bob Utber for coming up with the line: “He leant into the ball like a brush stroke from the hand of daVinci” by granting him some one-on-one time with Rahul Dravid.